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Meditation is actually moving from hard work to smart work – A conversation with Mindfulness Expert Shreans Daga

“Meditation is actually moving from hard work to smart work” – A conversation with Mindfulness Expert Shreans Daga

28 Sep, 2018

Vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Shreans Daga has aided hundreds of masters in spreading their light around the world, and guides people to transform their lives through love-based changes to create a brand-new, empowered reality. Shreans’ main focus and research has led him to discover the world of Quantum Energy Medicine and the Science of Spirituality. He has also the Founder President of the Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society.

Shreans Daga will be presenting CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY. CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL REALITY: LIVING A QUANTUM LIFE at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences being held at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2018.

We present a conversation with Shreans Daga about his journey into spirituality and how it led him to spread the message of meditation.

Thriive: When and how did spirituality enter your life?

Shreans Daga: I was born into a religious family, following rituals and so on, but never into spirituality. But after my father passed away, in 1996, I went into a state of depression and it had a very negative impact on my health. I happened to meet Patriji who introduced me to meditation and completely transformed my life. I was excited to share this wonderful practice with everyone and so Patriji and I travelled all over spreading the message of meditation. I also started the Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society. The Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences which is being held in Pyramid Valley from 29th September till 2nd October is also an important part of this initiative.

Thriive: As a busy businessman, what was your response to meditation and how did you then incorporate it in your life?

Shreans Daga: I realized that meditation is a time saving tool. When I have an extra-busy schedule, instead of taking the route of no meditation and doing more of hard work, I take out that one hour to meditate. This is because after 1 hour of meditation, I can achieve probably 10 times more than what I would achieve otherwise, faster and with much more clarity. There is also much more ease and joy with meditation. So, with meditation, you become more energy, less matter. When I started meditation and doing creative visualizations, I was able to manifest things much faster and with much focus, with much more clarity. Today, without fail, my day begins with meditation.

Thriive: Could you share how meditation helps in manifestation?

Shreans Daga: When you meditate, you go from a beta state to alpha, and from there to theta. From this theta state you go to delta and then deeper to gamma. So, basically as you go into a deeper state, your mind and heart become much more coherent and your body and mind are in complete sync. You are in a very balanced harmonious state of mind. At this state, you are accessing higher dimensions of reality which is vibrating at a higher frequency. In that field, when you sow a seed of any thought with elevated emotions you bring that into your life. So, rather than it being a life of cause and effect, you are causing an effect. You are drawing that situation into your life instead of running after it. The universe has multiple ways of creating what you want. So, surrender and leave the “how” to the Universe. Just command “what” with elevated emotions, as if it’s already happened. Whatever you want exists in the quantum field, but it also exists electromagnetically. Our thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. And, when you think electrically and you feel magnetically, you are drawing that situation into your life. So, meditation is actually moving from hard work to smart work.

Thriive: How can one understand what their life purpose is?
Shreans Daga: Somebody’s life purpose could be to become a musician, to become a dancer, or to do social service. Once they are in sync, when they are in touch with their deep emotions and they listen to what their heart is saying, they will know what is giving them true happiness. And, it is not a pleasure-seeking thing. You know, going on a holiday or to a party can be a pleasure-seeking thing. But after it ends, you are back to your normal state. But when what you do has a lasting impact on you, with that feeling of happiness or the feeling of pure joy, or that bliss or that peace in your heart, and that sense of satisfaction lasts longer, then you know this is what takes you closer to your purpose in life.

Thriive: How has it transformed you both in your personal and professional life?
Shreans Daga: My biggest transformation is now I don’t see personal and professional life differently. More or less, it’s so integrated because what you practice personally is what you want to practice in business also. This practice has helped me to keep my balance all the time. It doesn’t mean that you will not face challenges in life. but then you understand that, that it is the means to grow. That reflects what you need to learn. You gain that wisdom to not repeat those mistakes again.

Thriive: Could you share any incident that stands out for you in your journey?

Shreans Daga: At one time, I had a huge debt. Business was really bad as the industry was going through a tough cycle. I set an intention and visualized that I am completely debt free, I have zero debt, and I am drawing so much abundance into my life. And at that time, the amount looked so huge. It was like, if I discussed rationally, if I think, it’d be so impossible. But I set a deadline that in two years I would be debt-free. And, it actually happened! So, that was a big.

Thriive: How can someone who is quite new to or unaware of spirituality approach it?
Shreans Daga:
I suggest that they start doing meditation. It’s about doing the work. It’s about, say, somebody wants to become a swimmer. How much can one talk about swimming, about the different strokes, the temperature of the water? Eventually, you have to go into the water and start moving the hands and the legs. So it is with meditation: it’s less talk and more work. And then when you actually start doing the work, everything falls into place. You will have the right teacher, you’ll have the right guidance. And, once you have done it for a period of 30 or 40 days, and once you experience that sweet generous moment and that joy, then you will not need to be pushed into meditation. You’ll feel that before anything, this is what I want to do.

Thriive: Could you suggest an empowering an empowering practice our readers could carry out in their daily life? And also, how.

Shreans Daga: Simply practice meditation. Cross your legs and sit and just observe your breath. The whole purpose is to become thoughtless, enter the no- mind state.




Shreans Daga will take us step-by-step into the Quantum Science of the Law of Attraction. He will reveal to us how our thoughts and emotions can change us neurologically, biologically and physically. We will also understand how every emotion has a chemical reaction in our body through examining the Science of Neurophysics, Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity.


It will be exciting to know how to avoid living the Newtonian life of cause and effect and actually live the Quantum Life of causing an effect. Shreans will unravel the mysteries of spirituality and mystical experiences and teach us to transcend from fear-based emotions to love-based emotions. Through this experiential presentation which includes meditation, be prepared to transcend from survival-based emotions to creative emotions and thereby experience a deep transformation.

To find out more about his presentation at GFSS this year you can watch this video https://youtu.be/krLsTpEtyB0

To know more about GFSS 2018 & to get your donor passes, visit http://gfss.thriive.in/ or call +91 7506424584 / email [email protected]

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