Meditation tips for Marathon Runners  |
Meditation tips for Marathon Runners 

Meditation tips for Marathon Runners 

18 Jun, 2019

Meditation is getting your body, mind, and soul aligned with the rhythm of nature and so is running. Anything you do with concentration and a fully focused mind is meditation. Preparing for a marathon calls for hardcore dedication and commitment for months.

Your body will feel tired and would want to give up but the strength of your mind will get you going. Meditation can help majorly by giving you the firmness that your mind needs in order to get through. Many runners feel they are meditating while they are running because of the attention and concentration it asks for. There is no right way to train or meditate while running but setting a routine and doing the same things daily helps while training for a marathon.

Start with a 5-minute meditation routine before you go for a run in the morning. Sit down and concentrate on your breath, become aware of your body parts, feel your heartbeat. Running a marathon is not just running with your legs, it involves your whole body but mostly your core strength. Meditation helps you improve the core and keeps you going. There are a few things you can try to get the best out of your training and practicing meditation as a part of this training:

  • The mind is the most difficult to train and hence various marathon runners use music as a tool to keep them concentrated and calm while others count in their head.
  • Try to concentrate on the path ahead and start looking at the bigger picture.
  • Concentrate on your other body parts, feel the nature around you, listen to the breeze passing by, focus on your breath and try to keep it balanced.
  • Keep reassuring yourself and keep saying that you can do it. Give up all kinds of negative thoughts that hold you from moving further. You can do this and you will.
  • Visualize a successful run and prepare yourself for every scenario you might face through the run. Keep solutions ready, know your way and stay focused.
  • Pay gratitude to your body for the run and the thousand efforts it is making. Be grateful for your run, thrive to do better each day and maintain your calm.

Concentration and a firm goal is the key to win a marathon, meditation can help you achieve both. Just keep moving forward! 

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.  

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