Meritorious Meditation: Which is the right one for you? |
Meritorious Meditation: Which is the right one for you?

Meritorious Meditation: Which is the right one for you?

30 May, 2019

In recent times, meditation has gained prominence. With more and more people taking to meditation, more and more people are getting aware about its health benefits. Whether it is for your physical health or mental peace, meditation does it all for you!

On one hand it is immensely helpful in developing our creativity and imaginative abilities, while on the other hand, it is no wonder that through meditation, many people have been known to explore their intuitive abilities as well, thus enhancing their psychic abilities.

But the most interesting part of this practice is that it proves to be helpful for entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals alike; thus exhibiting its scientific benefits and relevance in our everyday lives. 

However, before choosing a meditation practice, keep in mind the goal you wish to achieve as well as what you can practice as a beginner. A key point before finding a practice that is suitable for you is to note that not all forms of meditation can suit everyone, and not getting results right away should not weaken your motivation.  

1) Pranayam or Breath Meditation

It is a rhythmic practice of controlling and releasing breath in set patterns, meant to regulate and energize our prana (or life force). It is one of the oldest forms of yogic practice which is instrumental in achieving a healthy mind and body.

This practice is for you if you are someone who feels lethargic and needs to work on your energy and vitality. People with sinus issues or asthma should completely avoid it, or practice under supervision.

2) Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation helps us become more conscious and aware of the present moment and bring our thoughts back to reality. This meditation practice is for those who seek to calm their mental chatter and regulate the mind. Moreover, it helps to break thought patterns and focuses the mental energy towards a particular direction.

Mindfulness Meditation might not be easy for beginners to tune into, especially since calming the mental chatter and focusing your attention on a single point might be difficult. However, it can start off as a simple practice like observing silence for a few minutes a day, or focusing your mind on a candle flame.

3) Shamanic Meditation

Shamanic Meditations follow a journeying process through the mind and psyche. It involves the use of drums or trance inducing mechanisms like use of herbs so that we are taken deeper into our psyche where we can connect with our spirit guides or animal totems.

This is an ancient form of meditation that helps in healing trauma, stress patterns and helps in dealing with residual emotions through such experiences.  

Shamanic form of meditations are perfect for those who are looking to initiate contact with their ancestral guides, spirit animal guides, any deities (gods and goddesses) or any spirit being. The main purpose of this meditation is to clear the emotional blocks and reach a heightened sense of awareness.   

4) Zen Meditation

It is a traditional Buddhist practice that focuses on cultivating a peaceful state of mind. If you are looking to boost your concentration,better understanding and cope with stress and anxiety, this one is just for you!

Zen life, or zen meditation has found its way into many hearts since this no fuss practice easily suits both the beginner and advanced practitioner, and helps find clarity of mind and a clear sense of purpose and direction when going through an emotionally intensive phase like depression. Despite being a simple practice, it requires dedication and proper study.  

5) Walking Meditation

Different from the zazen or sitting form of meditation in Buddhist tradition as discussed above, walking meditation is a lesser known form, however its benefits are as vivid and transformational as any other. Here the entire focus on the body motions and bringing the breath in pace with the body. It helps in regulating the blood flow and improving concentration and focus.      

Walking Meditations are great for those who prefer physical movements and find meditative insights through controlled body movements. It is also suited for those who have a problem of sitting down for a long time, have an active mind and prefer physical activity over observing silence and stillness.


Despite there being varied forms of meditation, they all have certain benefits like building confidence, dealing with depression, stress and anxiety. Some people prefer visualization while some might prefer Tai Chi, Qi-Gong or practicing a movement meditation which helps in regulating blood flow as well as enhancing memory. At the end of the day, it totally depends on what kind of meditation practice is comfortable and feasible for you.


Madhulika Mitra is a fantasy connoisseur, a realm creatrix, a shadow-seeker and a cosmic cardslinger.

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