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Mindfulness meditation: 3 unusual ways to incorporate it in your daily life

Mindfulness meditation: 3 unusual ways to incorporate it in your daily life

10 May, 2019

Are you constantly torn between office stress and worries at home? Do you often find yourself being worried about what may be the current situation at home when you are distressed if you will miss the last train to reach office on time? Maybe not everyone understands your tension but, we get that feeling. Anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness due to tensions are modern day spoilers. But you need not be all that gloomy! We’ve got the exact solution for all your woes. Don’t believe us? Then read on to know why we say so!

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a kind of mental training that involves your mind to focus on your own experiences, emotions, and sensations. This meditation focuses attention on breathing to develop an increased awareness of the present. Various studies have proven its effectiveness on a variety of psychological problems and brain functioning.

According to various studies, mindfulness meditation is intimately connected with measurable changes in the brain regions that are important for memory, learning, and emotion. Others researches earlier have proven that mindfulness meditation is instrumental in reducing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression as well as chronic pain.

3 ways to make it a part of your daily routine:

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced anywhere and everywhere, even when you are on the go. Here are 3 unique ways to practice meditation on the go:

  1. Washing utensils: If you closely observe your daily routine, one of the many things you will notice is that when you are actually doing dishes, there’s almost nobody around wanting your attention. It is almost like an automated task that requires no pondering. That, we believe is the best time to get started with your meditation. Just savor the feeling of warm water and look at how every dish that you washed is now almost as clean as the new dishes. That is a learning in itself.
  2. Exercise: Yes, listening to songs or watching TV while you experience the sweat dripping from your forehead is a satisfying feeling but that does very little to calm your mind. Ponder on your thoughts, emotions and all the things you go through during the time. Don’t force your thoughts, but go with the flow while trying to focus on your emotions.
  3. Bedtime: We all know that whatever you do right before going to bed and immediately after you wake up, stays with you throughout the day. That’s the trick. While you lie down on your bed and observe how your tiny toddlers are creating a chaotic surrounding, instead of screaming at them- try to enjoy with them. Embrace these little moments of joy just as you get going with your mindful thoughts.


Sleeplessness and various other health problems are seen to get better while you practice this meditation. Get started with this technique to savor its benefits!

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