Monday Motivation: Seeing these 5 celebrities practice meditation will shoo away your blues now! |

Monday Motivation: Seeing these 5 celebrities practice meditation will shoo away your blues now!

22 Apr, 2019

Meditation is the art of calming your mind by focusing on thoughts that can help one grow. Most celebrities, top businessmen and upbeat artists have reassured that there is nothing as helpful as meditation when it comes to settling your mind.

Meditation is a state of mind that helps you to reconnect with your inner self so that you can work in your fullest capacity. Here are 5 of the most successful celebrities who swear by meditation:

  • Manisha Koirala: Who doesn’t know her successful struggle with cancer? We all know how she fought like a boss and rose to victory. But very few of us will know that she credits yoga, pranayama, and meditation for her healing. The Sanju actor swears by meditation and practices it regularly.
  • Anushka Sharma: The famous million-dollar PK actor profoundly says that she swears by meditation. The ‘NH10’ actor-cum-producer says that transcendental meditation has enhanced her spirits and made her a rather pleasant personality. She meditates twice a day, reportedly- once in the morning and once before hitting the bed.
  • Oprah Winfrey: If there is anybody who taught us how to live life with humility and gratitude, it is undoubtedly Oprah Winfrey. Who wouldn’t know her? She credits meditation, among others for her enviable successful. The philanthropist has also chalked out one hour each day in her office for meditation of her employees.
  • Jennifer Aniston: The ever-young actress believes that meditation gives her the contagious energy she needs to live her super-successful life and career. She swears by her routine that comprises of meditation to live her life to the fullest.
  • Katy Perry: A vocal advocate of transcendental meditation, Katy Perry is a fanatical meditation practitioner. The renowned celebrity performs meditation each day, immediately on waking up.  She credits her creativity and success to meditation.

Meditation is about knowing yourself while being fully aware of your surroundings. These celebrities used meditation as their tool to overcome various negatives. You could do the same by putting your confidence in meditation.

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