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Moon & Menstruation – Ilona Selke

Moon & Menstruation – Ilona Selke

26 Apr, 2017

There is so much more about “that time of the month” than just mood swings and an incorrigible desire to hit anyone who tries to tell us to “calm down’’. Where science has termed these turmoils as PMS, there is something else happening altogether to our body at a spiritual level. We may not be aware, but there goes on a totally stunning transformation at the deepest level of our soul.

Did you know that the menstrual cycles and the moon (lunar) cycles are the same?  Before electricity was even invented, women would ovulate when the moon was full and would bleed when the moon was dark as even the moon cycle of 28 days. The moon affects the bodies of water, like the ocean, apart from also carrying the feminine energies. It is also a well-known fact that on full-moon nights, high tides are even higher. Since our body is made up of water, it responds to the magnetic/gravitational pull of the moon quite naturally.

At the peak of full moon, women are supposed to ovulate, but modern day’s artificial lights and being awake until late nights have made us fall off the natural inclination to be in synch with the moon. We spoke with Ilona Selke, an international author, teacher, musician and the CEO of Living from Vision about the synching of the moon with the feminine energies and were we surprised?

Read on to discover the beautiful knowing of the moon and menstruation.

Can we get in sync with the moon again if we have lost it in the modern world?

We need to be first emotionally and mentally aware of the moon cycles. Not many people in the modern day even look at the moon anymore. Looking at the moon and spending some time communing with it helps us also make friends with the cycles of the time of the month. Since everybody is different, it is also not absolutely necessary to be stressed about getting into the alignment. Some women menstruate exactly on the black moon and ovulate on the full moon or the opposite and some women don’t if they have a menstrual cycle of more than 28 days. But becoming aware of one’s own cycle is the key here.

How do we understand the working of our energy fields during the cycle?

The waxing and waning of estrogen and testosterone within a woman’s body is different from woman to woman. These 2 hormones have a very particular effect on our energies and how we operate in life. Estrogen makes us more pliable, sweet, kind, and embracing whereas testosterone makes us more aggressive, outgoing, and able to wield energy. Women with greater amounts of testosterone have an easier time communicating with men, take charge of their life easily, and generally are more easily aroused and ready to be sexual.

This is the same with the cycle of the month as well. A woman will experience the rise and fall of the estrogen levels and will notice the change in her energy field, in the way she thinks and the way she interacts with people. Being more estrogen rich at any given part of the cycle makes a woman more sensitive to other people’s energies, and words.

What is the significance of growing plants in the menstrual blood?

In Bali, Indonesia, after the birth of a child, the placenta is planted in the backyard and usually becomes the nutrient to a tree planted at the same time when the child was born. It’s a beautiful metaphorical way of transformation. Depending on the emotional attachment to one’s own blood, this can create quite a bond between the plant and oneself. In Tantric literature, it has been described that men should bring the menstrual blood mixed with semen. Of course many men prefer not to have sex with a woman while she’s menstruating because looking at their own penis smeared with blood scares many of them. But do any of these things really change from the inside out? Of course, they affect our DNA, and our attachment lines that go along with mixing our DNA.

Is it safe to say the period blood generates ‘reflective energy so we break loose of old patterns and beliefs during this time as every ovulation cycle is a new beginning?

In general, it is said that women have healthier blood because they do “let go of blood” and there system is purified. Every month the woman has to regenerate new blood to reap at least the old blood. The body regenerates all its cells continuously in both men and women. This letting go of old blood and regenerating it with new blood can be used to allow new patterns in and letting go of the old ones.

How is the moon meditation different when you are menstruating than when you are not?

The increase of testosterone just prior to menstruation can give rise to a very different internal perception. The sudden sharp increase in the estrogen levels once the menstruation has begun elevates moods and eliminates the veritable sensitivities we might have experienced in the week prior to the period. Some people feel that meditations during full moons are particularly powerful. Our emotional body during those times especially for more than menstrual times can be more open and more sensitive to subtle nuances.

Ultimately every woman is different but paying attention to the cycle and the changes in her mood and abilities will allow her to honor herself as a cyclical being along with all the other women on this planet to live in rhythm with the stars, the moon, the oceans and the waves of life.

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