Opening of the Lionsgate Portal: Using the 8:8:8 energy to activate our Heart centre |
Opening of the Lionsgate Portal: Using the 8:8:8 energy to activate our Heart centre

Opening of the Lionsgate Portal: Using the 8:8:8 energy to activate our Heart centre

8 Aug, 2017

Once in a while, the Universe makes it easier for us to tread the path of spiritual evolution, towards a raised consciousness. The opening of the Lionsgate portal is one such occasion. We got eminent Wellness and Spiritual Coach Hitesh Vashisht to throw light on this phenomenon and to guide us in empowering ourselves at this important moment in cosmic history.

What is the Lionsgate portal?

From 26th July to 12th August every year, the Earth, Sun and the star Sirius come in alignment with each other under the astrological sign of the Lion, i.e. Leo. This creates the Lionsgate portal. Sirius is the Greater Sun of our Galaxy and it carries energy to hasten our ascension. When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies combine and Earth becomes the recipient of the intense, heightened warmth.

The energy on the 8th of August (8/8) is the most potent but we experienced the powerful 8:8:8 channel opening on 8 August 2015 and now it is happening today i.e. 8th August 2017. 8 is the number of Saturn and its work is to bring us on our soul path.

How does the opening of the portal affect us personally and collectively?

This symbolises an opening of a cosmic portal between the Physical and Spiritual Realms. The portal from my view is nowhere outside of us rather it is inside of us i.e. our Heart. The significance of this day is to harness the energy of our heart so that we become the divine individual expression in all our spaces.

Personally, it is the time of new awakenings, finding paths and doing things before putting them up for review. It is also an opportunity to fill ourselves with the energy of abundance the Sun and Sirius bestow upon us. We can aim to be our glamorous, roaring best by imbibing the golden energy.

Collectively, it is the time of driving collective changes in the systems, structures and approaches. Like the sun bestowing its light upon all without judgement, it is time for us all to become more compassionate and generous. In fact, it is time for humanity to show its humaneness.

How can we make the best use of the energy physically and emotionally?

Connecting  with our heart/ love centre and being grateful for what we have and where we are at this point in life is the best way of experiencing the 8:8:8 energy.

Also, clearing our emotional pollution by meditating, practicing awareness and keeping our body hydrated will allow the free-flow of energy through all our inner energy centers, the chakras.

Since many aspects our life would be up for reassessment, we may be drawn to change. All we need to do is surrender and trust that this phase is indeed going to take all of us to something brighter and better for our soul growth.

At the body level, eat light food. Fruits are the best diet to have at this time. The less dense the body, the more is the rejuvenating energy it can absorb.
At the mind level, one can do breathing exercises and yoga.

We need to remember: what comes, let it come; what stays, let it stay; what goes, let it go.

Could you guide us through a meditation to make the best use of this powerful moment?

* Sit comfortably and take three long deep breaths to relax.
* Further, bring your attention to your normal natural breath. Allow yourself to relax further.
* Then, from your heart visualise pink light emerging and shining in its calmness. (The pink light in the heart symbolises unconditional love and joy).
* Gradually allow this energy to expand and spread inside your room, then in your home, your city, your country and then over the whole Earth.
* Feel grateful that the light in you is touching each and every kingdom of life on Earth and spreading your love and joy to one and all.
* Continue the meditation for another 10 minutes.
* Now, gently prepare yourself to come back and open your eyes.

Activate your heart centre with the 8:8:8 energy and let your soul’s roar reverberate through the Universe.

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