Orgasmic Meditation: 5 Things You Must Know |
Orgasmic Meditation: 5 Things You Must Know

Orgasmic Meditation: 5 Things You Must Know

5 Jun, 2019

Quite honestly, this morning as I sat down to write about this, I realized one thing- I had never heard about “Orgasmic Meditation” or OM. Frankly, I also realize that those reading this may be reading about it for the first time. But worry not, we will take you through the whole process and tell you 5 things you OUGHT to know about this niche form of meditation:

What is Orgasmic Meditation (OM)?

OM is a widely practiced form of meditation for women, and trust me when I say that the goal of this meditation- like that of others is to get your attention to the present moment and let go of all that isn’t important in that minute. Pretty much, it focusses your attention on concentrating at a single point of action and not at satisfying you sexually.

To be honest, practices such as OM and Tantra are about achieving the art of self-pleasure while meditating in the four walls of your bedroom. If you are looking for a meditation practice that awakens your mind, soul, the body as well the nether regions- this one is a must try.

How to do orgasmic meditation? 

One thing to note here is that tons of women have benefitted with this practice (no, not just because it gets them to the state of an orgasm!) but because it can help them in discovering their bodies while not judging it.


  • OM is a technique that requires a partner to stroke you for a span of 15 minutes with just one goal- to feel and let go.
  • For the amateurs, the stroking must be in a certain way.
  • The stroking must happen only on the upper-left quadrant of the clitoris in an up-and-down motion.
  • There is no stroking of male genitalia.
  • Please note that the idea is not to reach a climax but to get to the point of complete relaxation.

Here are 5 things you ought to know about it:

  1. Communication is the key:  This meditation happens in a proper class like “nest” where there is some amount of privacy. Here, communication is the most important point. The stroker must describe the vagina while stroking, but in a way that nobody is judging any part of it.
  2. It is for tired women: How about an orgasm for breakfast? Sounds too good, right? Exactly. This is a form of meditation which is best to be performed in the morning. It is meant for women who are tired and worn out and need a form of relaxation.
  3. It is not sexually motivated: As I said before, the idea isn’t to get sexually motivated or active. It is all about focusing at the moment and letting go of all the things that block your good thoughts and pleasure.
  4. Needs training: The meditation session looks like any other meditation class with “nests” where you perform the meditation. You could ask anyone to stroke you but, have all rights to deny it too. Believe it or not, this meditation will require you to have training in it as the stroking has to be in an incredibly specific way.
  5. It could have the same effects as meditative masturbation: Not everyone is comfortable with any stranger stroking you while, realistically it isn’t possible for your partner to be there all the time. In that case, you could go for meditative masturbation, it has the same effects too!


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