Pyramid Power: Why you should totally try this meditation |
Pyramid Power: Why you should totally try this meditation

Pyramid Power: Why you should totally try this meditation

9 May, 2019

Most of us like to do things on the go – whether it is eating, thinking, talking or reading. While it is true that moving with the pace of life is extremely important, you must really understand the flow of life. Meditation can help you do that. Here’s why we say so.

Meditation and healing 

When we say healing, we mean healing from all sorts of negativity in and around us. Self-awareness and realization is a very pivotal part of healing. That’s why meditation could help you manifold. Of all forms of meditation, pyramid meditation is highly effective and revered when it comes to harnessing cosmic energy for self-awareness.

What is Pyramid meditation?

The ancient Egyptians believed pyramids to be a calm and soothing space that could unite them with cosmic powers that could help them to have a peaceful afterlife. But with time, meditation experts realized that meditation in the pyramid is one of the greatest boons to mankind. Pyramids are three-dimensional triangular sided structures that are the storehouses of energy. It is solely constructed on the basis of inclination with Earth’s magnetic field.

In today’s scenario, you will find a lot of pyramid centers across the city. Join it at the earliest and get started. But what you ought to know is that pyramid meditation can be practiced only if the pyramid you are meditating in is three times larger than you- in terms of height and width.

Benefits of Pyramid meditation

Pyramid meditation is about energy healing and the effectiveness of those energies reaching you well. Here are 3 miraculous benefits of pyramid meditation:

  1. Hearing: Pyramid meditation can help you get cured of various hearing disorders because of its energy sufficiency.
  2. Thyroid levels: A host of hormonal imbalances and disorders can get better due to this meditation. This form of meditation helps in improving the functioning of the thyroid gland. It also helps in balancing the hormonal levels in the body.
  3. Cognitive abilities: Pyramid meditation helps in a big way to improve the cognitive abilities of a person. Those who meditate in the pyramids are said to maintain a better emotional equilibrium than others.

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