Say hello to mental peace with these 5 unusual types of meditation |
Say hello to mental peace with these 5 unusual types of meditation

Say hello to mental peace with these 5 unusual types of meditation

19 Apr, 2019

India is the home of meditation and has been since ancient times. It is but expected that it has benefitted many people. Meditation is in fact a science that helps in many ways, not the least by offering peace and calm.

With the onset of this century, various kinds of distractions and disturbances have ailed society. One of the sure fire means of facing them is through meditation. As a result, different meditation practices came to be developed. Each one of these meditations has its own positives. Even though the basic meditation is about focusing on your breath, there are many types and sub-types to each kind of meditation. Here are few of the most popular meditations that you must experience at least once. Mental peace, guaranteed:

  • Osho meditation: Osho meditation consists of being consciously aware. This kind comprises of you following 5-easy steps: breathing, catharsis (expressing yourself in whichever way you find comfortable), chanting the mantra ‘Hoo’, being still and celebrating in the form of dance.
  • Mindfulness meditation– Mindfulness is a practice that is extensively followed in almost each kind of meditation. This kind professes that one must be observant of one’s surroundings. It also preaches that one must not dwell in the past or be doubtful about the future but, must only be living in the present. So this form of meditation tells you to be aware of what happens around you and inside of you at the same time.
  • Vipassana meditation: This special form of meditation needs you to maintain silence for about 10 days. This requires a very high level of discipline. Remaining silent encourages you to introspect and that goes a long way in creating mental peace within you.
  • Zen meditation: For those of you who seek relaxation as well as spirituality, this one’s for you! In Zen meditation or Zazen you focus on your thoughts without judging them. This mediation, which is linked with Buddhist scriptures is performed with specific postures.
  • Transcendental meditation: This technique involves you to rise above the current state of mind while focusing on your inner self and thoughts. This involves  chanting of prayers or certain affirmations while you are meditating. Normally, your teacher might chant affirmations while you shut your eyes and focus on your breathing and thoughts. These have the power to take you deep into stillness which further leads to a peaceful state of mind.

Pro-tip: There are many more kinds of meditation. Simply put, selecting which kind of mediation is great for you while also trying to blend few techniques of it could be quite useful. Go ahead and meditate!

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