Sound Sleep: Meditate your way to sleep |
Sound Sleep: Meditate your way to sleep

Sound Sleep: Meditate your way to sleep

18 Jul, 2019

We have all come across that one person in our friend’s circle who loves to sleep. They’re the ones who can simply take a siesta at any and every point of the day- in almost any place. But maybe not everyone is that lucky. No, I’m not going to get started about how sleep is integral to each of us or how it is very important for your overall health and all that. But yes, I can tell you what could be your answer to sleep woes- SLEEP MEDITATION.

Sleep meditation? 

Well, yes. Sleep meditation is a special form of meditation that a person does right before he goes to sleep. It is a form of guided meditation that requires you to generally listen to a piece of specific music that eventually helps you to sleep.

You must, however, note that guided meditation doesn’t force you to sleep but simply helps in pushing you to the state of complete relaxation which results in a night of good and sound sleep.

How does this work?

It’s not rocket science, trust me! When we generally go to bed, it is obvious that all the thoughts and emotions that you may have suppressed throughout the day might begin to worry you. That is one of the main reasons why a lot of people cannot go to sleep or stay asleep.

When you practice sleep meditation, you shift your focus from the external environment to the sensations of your body. The process of sleep meditation thrives on the principle of letting go of your thoughts to focus on your own state of mind. As you proceed through the stages, you can add various elements to sleep meditation. 3 of these are:

  1. Breathing: Mindfulness meditation in its entirety involves one to focus on their breath. It implies that when you try to divert your attention to the way you breathe and correct the way you do, you’ll be amazed at the benefits that it brings with it. You will be surprised to know that it is believed that most of our health problems arise from incorrect or improper breathing.
  2. Chants: As a child, a lot of us may have been told that chanting a mantra or just reciting a particular stance. That’s because affirmations in the form of chants or mantra help a lot in letting out tensions.
  3. Gratitude: A show of gratitude to oneself helps in loving oneself more. It is best to say that when you accept yourself the way you are and be thankful for what you are blessed with, you will have more reasons to be thankful!


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