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Special Soul Spots of Pondicherry, the Mecca of Meditation

Special Soul Spots of Pondicherry, the Mecca of Meditation

30 Apr, 2018

The Serene, the Marine and the Green…nothing is amiss in Pondicherry. A journey to these 6 special soul spots of Pondicherry has all the ingredients of a Spirit Drive!

Serenity Beach













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The virgin shoreline and peaceful surroundings of the beach live up to its name. Perfect for hours of undisturbed meditation.

Shri Aurobindo Ashram














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Savour your inner silence at the Samadhi or in the large meditation hall in the Ashram. Revel in group energies of the Collective meditation held in the early hours of the night in the Ashram Playground (check timings and other details here http://www.sriaurobindoashram.org/visitors/faqs/

Bharati Government Park












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Anytime from 6am to 9pm, seek a sanctuary under the lush trees and go Home to your inner Source.

Botanical Garden












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1500 plants spread over 22 acres of well-laid-out garden area will provide you a quiet niche as you oxygenate and rejuvenate your soul.












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Immerse yourself in the Sound bath even as the sound waves harmonize with your inner landscape to leave you relaxed and transformed.









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The Mother described Matrimandir, the beautiful Golden Sphere, as “the Force, the central Force of Auroville, the cohesive Force of Auroville.” The spacious Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir invites you to sit in silence and concentration, in search of your consciousness.

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  1. After reaching that destination one can feel the tranquil holiness of the place with its enormous stretches of untouched and unharmed beaches, the serene backwaters, and the uncomplicated but stylish resorts, shrines, cathedrals and the Ashrams hotels in pondicherry His dwelling at Perumal Koil road has also been transformed into a museum

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