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Spiritual Significance of Winter Solstice

Spiritual Significance of Winter Solstice

24 Dec, 2019

The Sun and Moon are Earth’s most significant companion in the universe. However, they not only accompany our big blue planet up above in the galaxy but also hold our hands when we walk on a spiritual path. The impact of these two stars has always been the subject of intrigue from a spiritual front as their energies influence our spiritual plane in many ways. For continuous spiritual upliftment, we need to harness these energies. Winter solstice is one such day when Earth tilts farthest from the sun marking the longest night of the year. This change in the distance between the sun and Earth affects our spiritual well-being in many ways. However, not many are aware of it. 

The winter solstice is said to take place from the 21st of Dec to 23rd Dec this year. Let’s see how this nature’s wonderful phenomenon helps us in our spiritual journey. 

Dark triumphs over light

The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and is, therefore, marked as the time when the dark triumphs over light. Now, this may sound negative for our growth as we have always associated darkness with something bad. However, for the spiritual growth to take place darkness is as important as the light. This astronomic phenomenon symbolizes our own confrontation with the darkness that lies within. When we bury or ignore our negative traits they still remain as a part of us. Hence, if we try to acknowledge and overcome our own darkness it will become a catalyst for personal growth and transformation

A journey within

To look at our own darkness we need to feel the unpleasant emotions associated with it. By allowing ourselves to feel these dark emotions we pave the path to discover our inner light. When we dare to look inside we also gather the strength to overcome our own darkness. In fact, in the spiritual world, darkness is incredibly important as we get to use the wisdom and life lessons gathered till now to eliminate this darkness and negativity that lies within. Hence, the darkest day of the year may just be a chance to realize our darkness. 

A time to rest and reflect

We are acquainted with animal species that hibernate during winters. As spirituality draws a lot of lessons from nature, this phenomenon also contributes to some spiritual lessons. In some countries, winter solstice also is the time of extremely chilly weather. Hence, this is nature’s way of telling us that we need to disconnect from our surroundings and retreat within for much-needed reflection and rest. In fact, this spiritual symbolism has been borrowed by many religions and therefore, it’s not a surprise that many holidays and the vacation season come during this time of the year. 

A directional shift

In Latin, ‘Sol’ means the sun and the second half of the word ‘lstice’ comes from sister meaning ‘to make stand’. We are aware of the longest day but most of us are oblivious to yet another phenomenon that occurs during the winter solstice. On the day of the solstice, Earth’s axis pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction. The spiritual symbolism borrows the act of pausing and shifting one’s direction. The energy during paradigmatic shift also aids us in letting go of many past patterns, thereby, accelerating our spiritual ascend.  

Nature never fails to fascinate us and winter solstice is nature’s one such trick to charm us as well as help us to become more self-aware. Winter solstice brings with it a calm wave asking us to slow down and pause. We must use this calm energy for our spiritual revival by reflecting, resting and letting go. If you were waiting for a sign to let go then consider this winter solstice as nature’s way of telling you that it’s time you exit from one chapter of your life and start a new one.  

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