Super Stressed? Just Meditate to get better |
Super Stressed? Just Meditate to get better

Super Stressed? Just Meditate to get better

10 Jun, 2019

When you are in your early 20s, you are expected to be that happy, bubbly and courageous Geet from Jab We Met. But when stress hits you for real, you are going to be that quiet, gloomy and disinterested Geet from the same movie. Except of course that the only Anshuman that is leaving you is your peace! Gradually as you slip through your 20s and climb your 30s and 40s, you are all too tired to even express your fatigue. Pent-up anger and frustration is your weapon to defend.

Can you understand the fact that probably your mother and father didn’t undergo this change in their life? Maybe that’s why a lot of parents find this constant fatigue and mood-dip in us as pretty unusual. But if you closely look at what is causing this, you’ll realize it is STRESS.

A pretty common catch-phrase that we use loosely almost 25 times in 24 hours in nothing but a simple way of expressing the dirty effects it can have on your body. The bad news is, it can’t be averted but, the good news is- you can keep it away from affecting your health.


Okay, so how do we combat stress? Simple, just meditate. No, we aren’t telling you this, it is science. Various studies have proven that meditation can be considered as a type of body-mind complimentary medicine. It induces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Scientifically speaking, meditating for 8-weeks can alleviate stress.

Simply put, meditation is an effective stress-management tool that helps in reprogramming the brain to the extent that meditators end-up having a higher capacity to manage and handle stress. Another way it can help you is my making you less reactive to negative indicators. Thus, we will be able to cope with life stressors in different realms of life in a better fashion.

Therefore, meditation helps you in de-stressing your body and mind. So, do you have to always find a specific location for meditation? Not really, just follow these steps!

      1. Sit down: Travelling by metro? Just sit down in a comfortable position and shut your eyes.
      2. Focus: Focus your attention on one thing- it can be your breath or one peculiar thought.
      3. Clear your thoughts: This is one of the most difficult parts of meditation. When you initially sit down to meditate, you are going to have a lot of thoughts in your head. It could be about the trail of thoughts you have about the train that you are about to miss, or the tiffin you forgot to pack for your kids or maybe the test your kid hasn’t prepared for. But keep it going. Consciously try to get back your attention to the thing you are trying to focus at.
      4. Be consistent: Everything that you do is going to reap results only if you are consistent. Whether it is about gymming, exercising, dieting or meditating- you ought to be consistent. A minimum practice of 8 weeks can help you in a major way. Inconsistency, needless to say, will barely help you.
      5. Breathe well: Most of us do not know that importance of breathing in that sense. Most ailments are triggered by improper breathing or breathing of polluted air. That’s why when you meditate, focus on your patterns. Did you know that most of us have faulty breathing patterns? That is the cause of most ailments? That’s why focusing on your breath is important.

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