The Benefits of Meditation at Home |
The Benefits of Meditation at Home

The Benefits of Meditation at Home

20 Nov, 2020

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to control our own mind, thoughts and actions and take charge of our lives. It is a way to recharge our batteries, calm our mind and stay positive. Meditation can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, stress and anxiety that arises from the daily humdrum. Chitra Roy, a life coach and a counsellor discusses the benefits of meditation at home.

Meditation helps us to be mindful

We are constantly bombed with information and we tend absorb other people’s energies since we focus on what is happening around us. Our mind gets clogged and we cannot think clearly. If you are eating food and thinking about your work, thinking of the to do list of checking on your child, your partner etc, your in-laws etc. then you are not in the present moment and not eating mindfully. Meditation is our me time to ground ourselves, be in the present moment, talk to self, and connect with our soul and the higher intelligence.

Debunking the myths of meditation

Roy says that most of the times, people think that anger issues, relationships issues, financial problems can be resolved with meditation. However, this is not true. Meditation is not a means for achieving your goals or solving your problems. It is a means for staying calm and composed even in difficult situations.

Meditation helps us to get much-needed clarity, to respond to situations

Through meditation, we know ourselves much better. There is clarity in our mind and heart. There is enough clarity in our thoughts and what we want from our lives. If a person is not used to any spiritual practices including meditation, then the person will absorb the negativity and cacophony around him/ her since the person is not grounded while a person who practices meditation daily will not absorb other people’s energies or react to situations. For instance, if these two persons who are meditating and not meditating, watch of particular news on any natural disaster for instance, the person who is not meditating will react emotionally, may grieve, cry or get angry and absorb the negative energies while the person who meditates will respond to the situation and send healing energies to the situation. Roy cites another instance that if a person has been practising meditation loses a job during the lockdown, the person will reflect on it and take it positively that may be he/ she had become too comfortable with the previous job and so the Universe has opened avenues for a new beginning or to spend time with family, friends and make up for other priorities and health that may have been neglected earlier due to a hectic life.

Meditation is a cleansing process

Meditation helps to perfect mental hygiene and cleanse our aura. It helps us to generate more good thoughts resulting in good words and deeds. Roy states that meditation if practised along with chakra healing, Pranayam, Yoga, breathing exercises, it reaps maximum benefits to the practitioner. It helps us to cleanse our physical, emotional and mental blockages. It also helps to clear communication issues since meditation helps us to raptly listen to people with our mind’s eye rather than judge them or react towards what others have to say.

Meditation for beginners at home

Deep breathing slows the heartbeat, relaxes the muscles, focuses the mind and is a great way to start meditation. If this is the first time you try meditation, you can begin with a simple breathing exercise. Take a deep breath,  hold your breath for a few seconds and take a deep exhalation. During the breathing, pay attention to the sensations you are feeling, imagine when you breathe in, the airflow that enters into your nose, then when you hold your breath imagine the air is circulating throughout your body and when you exhale imagine the air coming out of your mouth. This helps to relax our mind, body and soul.
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