The Hidden Signs & Symbolism Behind Trump’s Win |
The Hidden Signs & Symbolism Behind Trump’s Win

The Hidden Signs & Symbolism Behind Trump’s Win

17 Nov, 2016

(As told to Thriive team by Kaya—Global expert on Dreams Sign & Symbology)

God gave us many faiths but only one world where we all co-exist (Jonathan Sacks) and good leaders can come together to make a peaceful co-existence possible. With the emergence of the new leader of the United States of America, we got a chance to speak with Prof. Francis L. Kaya, an author and leading global expert on the interpretation of dreams, symbols and signs to understand the signs that pointed to Trump’s win, long before Americans made their final choice.

Reflections of America’s inner negative aspects

As the voice of beauty and awakening speaks softly, Kaya began to explain his thoughts, “A country is like a person that has its own personality. There are aspects to it, just like there are, to a person. And while we do attach the aspects of overconfidence, superficiality, emotions, and ego with Donald Trump, it is also an important message to the world. It could be very surprising, but I dreamt about this six years ago. So, I knew a long time ago that this program was supposed to happen and what is happening right now, is the opening of the consciousness of America and the rest of the world. On one hand this is creating a shift in people’s lives; on the other hand, this is also the reflection of the negative personality of America, which is lack of practicality, selfishness and self-centeredness.”

Trump & 9/11 as Symbols

“If we talk about the world of symbols, Donald Trump is a symbol of money and power, that’s why a very strong symbol. Even though his name suggests money and power, money is not negative in itself, money is energy. It is our intention that makes it negative. It is the manifestation of who we are.”

The madness of this planet after all is a result of us failing to come to a balance with ourselves. This has been once again shown to the world on the same date of 9/11 that we have somewhere been imbalanced. In the world of symbols and signs, Kaya’s interpretation opens up a new thread of thoughts, “When we talk about science, this is a message to the world about September 11. The entire world would remember this day’s destiny in the form of two major events – the emergence of Trump and PM Modi doing a shift in the Indian economy. If we talk about symbolism, then it could be gathered that Americans don’t want to know the beautiful qualities of the feminine energies. That’s also the biggest aspect of the American society. There is too much masculine energy and there is a lot of over emissivity of that energy.”

The Positive and the Negative
Is there always a silver lining in thick black clouds?

The slight pause before he began to speak again was a silent search for hope, “I don’t see Trump’s presidency as something dramatic. I see this as a message of evolution for the planet. Whether you are African-American, Chinese, Jewish, Indian, Japanese or anybody else, America is made of good people from all over the world and there is no reason why this has to stop.”

“I am not going to ignore the positive sides of the country where people are inherently good and have family values. I believe that negativity only exists to awaken positive intentions. Obama was great positivity and Trump’s energy seems to be negative. The silver lining, even in that, is that he has intense energies and could do some very good things. The world is coming down and he needs to pick it up, find a balance and middle path. In real life, prosperity will continue to grow but it is the balance that we need to seek.”

“Having said that, I also believe that negativity exists to awaken positive intentions. Now for the first time in the history of America, Americans are seeing their downside and the aspects that they need to work on. It is more like a wake up call. I think this is a profound reflection of today’s society where the country has reached the top of capitalism and this will create a more profound mission for change.”

“I sincerely hope that people can become spiritual pushing ahead equality and beautiful objectives in the positive direction. It is not about doing mere rituals. We also must understand that evil is always educational, it is always constructive and prepares us for something better. And that’s why spirituality is so important.”

So, can Trump ever become spiritual or try to balance it all out?

“Donald Trump, like everybody else has got some great qualities as well. And probably, this is my hope: that he is not going to be that extreme because extremity doesn’t help. Trump is only showing more of his negative side at this moment and it is important for people to not panic and become extremists. We have constantly seen changes in the history and once again this is a time for change, for the opening of the consciousness of America and the rest of the world.”

A Final message

“At the end of our lives, it is not our bank accounts and it is not what we have done, but how we have done it. We take memories with us and therefore, we need to understand that when we do things, we do it with our souls. Something that is good for ourselves must be good for others and if it is not good for others, it is not good for us. That’s what we should always be thinking.  This is my message to everyone.”

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