Top 10 Meditations for Warrior Women |
Top 10 Meditations for Warrior Women

Top 10 Meditations for Warrior Women

9 Mar, 2020

In this constantly changing world, a woman adds multiple feathers on her hat of a successful career. These said feathers are different from each other and are completely based on personal goals. One either focuses to excel in the workplace or to achieve an ambitious career. These feathers make for a Warrior Women.

Often, having this type of life includes juggling a lot of things. The constant stress that is induced by our mind is not healthy for us in the long run. They can lead to chronic diseases and unhealthy physical and mental health. Having a restful mind can help destress and manage the daily chores that we take upon ourselves.

A meditation evangelist, Dr S Ranjan stresses that not only women but everyone should set aside a minimum of 15 minutes for meditation every day. He also emphasizes on the two kinds of meditation practices – Active and Passive meditation. Including these meditations in your routine can certainly prove effective in the long run. Here are the Top 10 Meditations that you should try:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation

It is a practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, and paying attention to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that arise during the practice.

  1. Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)

When you deal with people regularly, it is important to learn and empathize with others. The Metta Meditation develops positive emotions through compassion, by including a more loving attitude towards oneself.

  1. Mantra Meditation (Om Meditation)

When you repeat a syllable or a word, without any particular meaning but only to focus your mind, you are performing Mantra meditation. It is very important to have the correct pronunciation. The word Om, and the “vibration” associated with the sound and meaning, can help you to focus on your thoughts.

  1. Guided Meditations

This is one of the easier ways to meditate, on-the-go. As Dr. S. Ranjan mentioned before, about the kinds of meditation. This falls in the passive kind. In this method, you are instructed to focus on your breathing and thoughts.

Ms. Lakshmi who is a young Corporate Lawyer working in Mumbai, says that using Guided Meditations while commuting to work has helped her to establish a sense of calmness before starting her day at the workplace. She also adds that it prepares her for the stressful day ahead.

  1. Breath Awareness Meditation

This is a form of mindfulness meditation. It offers the same benefits that of the mindfulness meditation. To perform this meditation you are required to breathe slowing and deeply, counting your breaths, and focusing only on breathing. This helps you to ignore other thoughts that enter the mind. This can help you to improve your concentration throughout the day.

  1. Yoga Nidra

Another type of Passive Meditation is Yoga Nidra. It is one of the most powerful meditation techniques and one of the easiest to develop and maintain. To perform this, you have to rest comfortably in a corpse pose, the systematic meditation takes you through the five layers of oneself, leaving you with a sense of wholeness. You don’t have to spend hours sitting on the floor or packing your Yoga mat to the gym, you can do this right before you sleep.

  1. Progressive Relaxation

This practice encourages people to scan their bodies for areas of tension. After a long day at work, when are about to get on your bed – you can sit in a comfortable position and start noticing tension areas in your body. To do this, you have to start from your toe and then work through the whole. This promotes a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

  1. Spiritual Meditation

It is very similar to a prayer in which you reflect on the silence and try to seek a connection with your God or Universe. It can be practiced at home or in a place of worship. It is beneficial for those who believe and seek spiritual growth.

  1. Movement Meditation

Most people when they think of meditation they imagine a yoga mat and a quiet room. One of the active forms of meditation is a movement meditation. It includes walking through woods, gardening, or other gentle forms of motion. It helps you to find peace in action and prefer to let their minds wander.

  1. Transcendental Meditation

This is one of the most popular types of mediation that is practiced around the world. It is a combination of mantra and mindfulness meditation. It involves the use of a mantra and can be practiced while sitting with one’s eyes closed. This can be practiced by someone who likes structure and is serious about maintaining a mediation practice.

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