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Want to embrace happiness faster? Just meditate in the garden

Want to embrace happiness faster? Just meditate in the garden

20 May, 2019

John Burroughs, a famous American naturalist as well as writer famously quotes, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.” 

And even as years have passed, this stands true. As kids, we were constantly told that playing out in the open is great for our body and mind. There was a time when kids were always running to play out while today, our millennials are busy updating their social media platforms. This has caused more problems than once. No, we aren’t going to bore you about how they should be encouraged to play outside. But we are telling you how you could go ahead and reap more benefits.

Garden Meditation

Meditation is about connecting with your inner self and being quite aware of your surroundings. That is the reason we say it is great to meditate in the arms of nature. Here are a few benefits of meditating in the garden:

  1. Offers peace: Isn’t there something about the nature that is so soothing? There is. Nature gives us peace and the more you stay out in the open, in the custody of a garden, the better it is for you to attract peace.
  2. Nature is about stillness: Gardens are a reminder of peace, stillness, and calmness of mind. When you meditate in such spaces, you welcome the same inside of you!
  3. Bonding: If you can, you should meditate in a garden as a couple or a family. This will instill a bond of togetherness and strength in each of you.
  4. Calm: Sitting on the grass is said to have its own calming effects on a person, and guess what? Meditating in the garden will add up to calming your spirits.
  5. Sharpening your senses: Unlike our mind, our senses are always in the present. Therefore, it needs something with an earthly to connect to uplift to the fullest. Gift yourself the pleasure of sharpening each of your senses and connecting with each of them!

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