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What Is A Walking Meditation

What Is A Walking Meditation

18 Jul, 2019

Walking Meditation is a lesser-known form of meditation but immensely powerful in our everyday lives as it can be practiced with mindfulness and awareness. This form of meditation can be practiced by focussing your attention on the act of walking. 

Though there are various forms of practicing this kind of meditation, most of them involve keeping the eyes open and being mindful of the activity. We are aware of the present moment without having to withdraw our attention from the outside world the way we do while practicing breathing or visualization meditational practices. 

What makes this kind of meditation a unique experience is that we are more aware of what’s going on around us: the sounds of nature, the natural elements like the wind, the rain, the sun and the hustle and bustle of the urban life which starts relegating to the background like humming noise as we acquaint ourselves better with this meditation technique and learn to focus on the activities we are carrying on, at the present moment. 

What is walking meditation?

Needless to say, people who practice this form of meditation regularly have found that walking meditation helps us connect to the wisdom of our body much better than any other form of meditation like breathing, pranayama, etc. Compared to sitting meditation that involves you to be aware of the subtle sensations, this one is quite easier to pay attention to those as and when they arise and being mindful of their nature while performing this form of meditation. It is also a universal form of meditation as it can be practiced any time during the day and as many times as we can give to it, thus making it more accessible and of higher importance in our daily life. 

Contrary to popular perception, walking meditation is neither easy nor less significant than any other form of meditation. It has an equivalent if not more benefits observed from its practice. It breaks the common stereotype that a proper meditation practice requires closing your eyes, remaining still, and disconnecting from the outer world.

5 Things to know about walking meditation

  1. The reason why this kind of meditation becomes important is it helps us to connect with our inner world much better and develop our awareness so that we can awaken our consciousness to the higher levels of divinity. 
  2. We are not just focussing on the physical aspect of the act of walking but even connect with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of it.
  3. We are infusing more sense in our mundane lives and finding it to be more meaningful, thus breaking out of the monotonous routine that keeps us feeling disconnected with our higher selves. The reason why it has become more and more relevant in our modern lifestyle is that as we learn to disconnect with the noise of the urban life, and are regaining a sense of purpose within our routine life, we are not only becoming more aware of all that’s happening around us and our soul purpose, but even understanding what role do we play in this vast expanse of the Universe.
  4. Though this is far from an ‘easy’ meditational practice, it sure is helpful for beginners as it is rightly known as a ‘meditation in motion’ and allows a person to be more aware of the physical sensations, and learning to be more rooted in the present.
  5. Pick out a suitable place with lesser obstacles so that you can walk without stumbling. Notice any sensations that may arise in your body. Now, as you start walking, focus your attention on the movement of your feet and legs.

Be as mindful of this act and notice thoughts or feelings as they arise. You can choose to walk in a circle, or back and forth. While practicing this meditation, be aware of your speed and posture, and let your arms swing naturally by your side as you ease into it.

Madhulika Mitra is a fantasy connoisseur, a realm creatrix, a shadow-seeker, and a cosmic cardslinger.

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