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What is subliminal meditation?

What is subliminal meditation?

31 Jul, 2019

To understand subliminal meditation we first have to understand what Subliminal means, which literally is something that our conscious mind cannot hear or understand. Hence, subliminal meditation means the meditation for your subconscious, which not only works without your knowledge but also has a deeper effect than usual meditation. Seasoned practitioners, hypnotherapists and gurus help an individual achieve subliminal meditation but there are a few other techniques as well that can help you do it.

A very strong tool is subliminal music or subliminal messaging which is exactly what it sounds like. Subliminal music is the music that is created by putting a certain kind of music over the subliminal message that is impossible to hear in our the conscious state of mind and hence our ears can’t hear them while we are awake. But deep down your subconscious mind can catch those frequencies and does what it has to do. It has a very strong impact on your mind and you will start believing what you put into your subconscious state.

For example, radio and television commercials use this technique in many manners to create an impact on their costumer’s mind and hence are spending huge amounts of money in it. The representations are done in the form of text, pictures, and music that leaves a positive imprint on the mind of their viewer and hence profiting the company.

According to a few studies, it is found that subliminal messages are mostly ignored by our conscious mind and hence we never even bother putting the subliminal messages to the path of our subconscious. You may even hear a subliminal message but it doesn’t work or mean anything to your conscious mind. 

It is also found that the impact of subliminal mediation is long-lasting and it goes to innermost layers and hence has proven to cure biggest of the fears, cure traumas by just a few months of practice. It conditions a mind in a way that it works for the best and helps leave bad habits or memories behind, only following the positivity.

Several studies show that it can enhance the performance of a human brain by positioning it to work better and leave anything that might be difficult to leave in the conscious state of your mind. 

As we all know, it is all in your head and your mind might be the strongest tool in the universe, only if you knew how to train it or access it fully. Subliminal Mediation deals with the strongest part of a human, the gut or subconscious. 

According to various neuroscience studies, most of the day-today activities that we do are conducted by our subconscious mind and most of the times, we just work on an autopilot mode, not even thinking about what we are doing. Therefore, when we decide to be happy, that is what we are and that is what we find everywhere. Your mind shows you what you want and that is why you should always look for the positivity around you. There are various reasons for what subliminal mediation can be used but a few of the many are as follows:

      It enhances your self-confidence and helps you build your self-esteem that is a very important trait in today’s time, where everything is upon your potential and capabilities.

      It can help you quit smoking as subconscious can even change you’re the hardest of your habits.

      Can enhance the process of weight loss by encouraging gathering the strength of everything and working for a better you.

      Can improve the learning abilities and increase the brain’s power to memorize and implement.

There are many techniques under the term subliminal meditation as well, where a silent subliminal message does its job while you work or sleep. It is certainly a very sharp technique to try utilizing the mind to its potential and creating what you feel you deserve. Your conscious mind faces the challenges every day but your subconscious always finds a way to get you out of there and makes a way to sustain life in a better way, always. 

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 

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