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What is the significance of meditating on a full moon?

What is the significance of meditating on a full moon?

18 May, 2019

A Full Moon. Doesn’t it seem like a powerful beguiling word in itself? There’s a sense of ‘wholeness’ in the name and power of reincarnation in its own sense. Meditation during a full moon is a great way of building the curated blocks of life. Sow seeds of love and stillness in this full moon, to earn excellence to the fullest!

Why is this full moon special?

The full moon in Taurus like that of today occurs when the Sun is in Scorpio, in and around mid-autumn. This venus-dominated zodiac sign is all about determination, inner strength, resilience, patience, creativity, and sensuality.

The Taurus moon is simplistic, a perfect synergy of mysterious energies and pays extra attention to the senses of touch, smell and feel.

What happens when you meditate in a full moon in Taurus?

Meditating during the full moon is about embracing newness and complete stillness of spirituality. Our body is made up of 70% of water. That adds up to the benefits of meditation.  Moon has a very strong impact on waters. That’s precisely why a full moon has a very strong effect on our bodies.

When you meditate during the full moon, you are channelizing the energy to be better. The full moon creates an influx of positive ions. An excess of positive ions has a negative impact on our overall body like causing more stress, reduced blood flow, and less oxygen circulating through organs and tissues. On the contrary, in case of a new moon, there is an influx of negative ions and that’s when your body will be more balanced.

When you meditate in the presence of a full moon, you get drawn into the spirits of Taurus and thereby, attract vibes of wellness. Full moon meditations heighten your intuitive powers, brings in the healing powers and the frequency of light in your soul. Whether it is about calming your inner selves, embodying the higher self or just getting closer to the vibrations of the universe- you benefit in every way possible!

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