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When A Dog Met A Soul by Cashmere Lashkari

When A Dog Met A Soul by Cashmere Lashkari

19 Dec, 2017

When your heart is open to love, soul contracts are easily completed and fulfilled.

This morning I wasn’t feeling too bright and was reluctant to go for a walk. Not that I’m usually raring to go for any form of exercise. My muffin top was motivation enough to drag myself out regardless. My sports shoes pounded the pavement rather lethargically, while I barely lifted my eyes from the ground. Wrapped up in my misery, I looked down to see a puppy at my feet.

A fluffy, yellow ball of Golden Retriever goodness. With a hop and jump he went over my left foot. He reared up on two feet and scratched at my leg. He jumped with joy as though meeting me was the highlight of his day. I couldn’t help but bend over and pet him, looking for his owner as I did so. I found a man standing a few feet away looking at the two of us with an amused smile.

Each frisky motion of playing with my shoe, each lick to my fingers, each wag of his tail, lifted the mantle of gloom I had donned. I felt light and cheerful after that transfusion of loving positive energy. A whistle from his owner and he ran away, having lifted my mood. Teaching me that a soul contract had just been completed between my loving four-legged friend and me.

I followed his bouncing body down the track with more enthusiasm for the rest of my walk. I looked around and saw the blue sky. The gentle yellow of the rising sun. The sway of the branches of the trees. The flowers fluttering in the breeze. I took a deep breath and allowed the cool air into my lungs. As I exhaled I stepped up my game and decided to jog the last hundred meters back home.

I was bursting with energy and raring to start my day. All because I opened my heart to the love around me. Soul contracts may stem from the most unusual karmic connections. Not always just between human beings. Do watch out for opportunities to fulfil your own, for the satisfaction of completing a soul contract gives an amazing boost to both involved.

(A Reiki Master Teacher and holistic healer, Cashmere enjoys green tea, meditation, crystals, books and exploring the Mind-Body connection).

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  1. Extraordinary things you've generally imparted to us. Simply continue written work this sort of posts.The time which was squandered in going for educational cost now it can be utilized for studies.Thanks found it here

  2. World like to share some of my experiences too they are connected from your past life theory and this blog too, when i lost my earlier pet SNOWEY I was all in grief and agony. I happen to meet a lady who's pet Silky had delivered 4 pup , the pain of losing my pet was too much but my mom n me went to see the new borns and only 1 lil fella didn't leave my way, caught my dress n pulled this was in our repeated visits and den the pups were 20 days old. So the lady said if he is so fond of you why don't you take him home to play is was young so i took him but my parents were in grief they didn't want a new attachment lil pup reminded den of SNOWEY . My dad just left the house n I went for my classes my mom was alone with pup as the lady said she will pick the pup at 6 pm , from 4 to 5 he was going to be alone with mom i left for classes n mom called me to come home early while i was in class. I thought some thing happened to the pup….! I reached she was sobbing but the tears were of happiness… she said we will keep this lil angel i asked suddenly how come? She said she was so sad she just cried in pain SNOWEY why why u left us … please come back…. and the puppy just 20 day young puppy not much trained to any voice commons or any signs … got up and came running in her lap….. she just sensed her SNOWEY was back to her as while leaving us he was in too much pain due to illness but he didn't want to leave us… we had to put end to his suffering as his pain was unbearable to him n to us… But SNOWEY returned to us as now SHILOH …( a god sent angel)

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