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When Spirituality Is Fun: Thriive Art & Soul’s Outing At Lil Flea

When Spirituality Is Fun: Thriive Art & Soul’s Outing At Lil Flea

22 Dec, 2017

Who can resist a chance to bring their inner child out to play? Who wants to know more about themselves emotionally and spiritually? The answer is No-one and Everyone respectively.

And when both these things are offered together for FREE you get the kind of crowd that thronged Thriive Art & Soul’s Paint Your Soul event at Mumbai’s happiest flea market, Lil Flea.

On a sultry afternoon (15th of December), all roads seemed to lead to Bandra Kurla Complex. Colourful flyers fluttered on the lampposts in the centre of the road, pointing the way to Mumbai’s most eclectic festival, Lil Flea.

Since April 2014, Lil Flea has been providing a trendy platform to upcoming startups, artists, designers and chefs.

On that afternoon, Lil Flea’s bohemian vibe was totally in tune with Thriive’s. Inside a huge pink and white shamiana, easels were set up with canvases. Open tubs of red, blue, green, yellow, white and black spread out on the wooden table beckoned to the inner child inside every would-be-artist.

And they surely didn’t hold back. Grabbing a brush and a palette of choice colours, eager-beaver spiritual enthusiasts set about painting to the strains of Erik Berglund’s harp music (Erik is Thriive’s beloved Astral Ambassador). https://youtu.be/3KZTxpPOJ9I

Handing out instructions and motivation was Artist-in-Charge & Empowerment Coach Tui Sigman.  She is one of the Wellness Service Providers (expert in healing modalities such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura cleansing, Yoga, Pranayam, and many others) registered with Thriive and enthusiastically facilitated the event for them.

Tui instructed the participants to paint for 15 minutes.  Later she would send them their emotional and spiritual analysis based on their painting. Hardly any one could resist such an offer? The long queue of people waiting their turn was testimony to it.

Enthusiasm was high as everyone’s inner child gave uninhibited expression to their artistic leanings. It was an invigorating sight. Amateur or professional didn’t matter – they poured out their soul on the canvas with equal abandon.

In fact, when Tui gave an impromptu analysis to one of the participants, an elderly lady, she was almost in tears on hearing it.

A couple was super-excited after their session, never having picked up a paint-brush in their life. A few of them were professionally trained artists but this experience opened them up to their inner creativity as never before.

The session ended (with participants having to be turned back because the workshop time was over). They were asked to come back the next day for the Dance Therapy Workshop by Thriive Art & Soul. But that’s another story for another day.

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