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Why meditation for anxiety is a good treatment option

Why meditation for anxiety is a good treatment option

13 May, 2019

That pit you feel in your stomach because you haven’t even started with a presentation that you ought to submit in the next 3 hours, isn’t anxiety. The tension you undergo when you are 20 mins late for an important meeting isn’t anxiety either. So what is anxiety? We use the term anxiety and being anxious quite loosely in today’s time.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling of extreme helplessness when you have prepared for the presentation but still get worried about its outcome. It is the feeling of fear and tension mixed with a pit in your stomach even when you know that you are about to reach at least 20 minutes before time for a meet. All in all, its the feeling of complete helplessness that you experience in spite of preparing for the end result.

Now let us be clear that everyday anxiousness and clinical anxiety are two different things. Being anxious isn’t the same as suffering from clinical anxiety. While anxiety could get you sweaty palms, heart palpitation, tension headaches or so, clinical anxiety is a far more serious ailment. It can rupture your everyday living by affecting your overall peace of mind and body.

Let’s talk numbers 

Anybody who has suffered from an anxiety attack will understand how severe it can be. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 40 million adults in the US suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. Not just that, various statistics prove that 1 in 14 people are affected by some form of anxiety. So if you are someone who thinks, you are suffering alone- you aren’t!

Meditation is your answer

A lot of studies have proven that meditation is your answer to a lot of ailments. And the good news is- anxiety is one of them! A lot of people who practice meditation have got better dealing with clinical anxiety. Here’s how it helps:

  • Meditation is a process of mindful breathing that helps one in being aware of one’s surroundings. It helps in calming your inner self while being self-aware.
  • Meditation brings in, a sense of gratitude in us for all the things that we already have. This, in turn, is a great way of boosting positivity in oneself.
  • Focusing on the breathing pattern has many positives. To name a few, it improves attention and boosts concentration.
  • Meditation, like yoga, helps in the production of hormones in the body that help you to stay calm and composed.
  • Mindfulness meditation is focussed on paying attention to your emotions and desires. This could help you in controlling the way you react to a lot of things. Thus, helps in managing anxiety.

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