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Wipe Your Karma-Slate Clean Through Your Dreams

Wipe Your Karma-Slate Clean Through Your Dreams

8 Sep, 2017

Our thoughts, words and actions have a ripple effect: sometimes good and sometimes hurtful. They can cause us to get stuck and lock us into suffering our emotional wounds over and over again. Is there a way out of it? We put this question to the renowned expert on Dream Symbology and Thriive’s Global Ambassador, Kaya. Read on to know what he has to say.

We have access to a lot of things today that guarantee the healing of all our karma. Most of us must have also tried at least a couple of them. Usually, we prefer to try a few techniques even if we fail, rather than suffering on account of it. There is a volcano of modalities spread over the web today, to heal the karma, such as chanting mantras, performing rituals or simply accepting it in the name of fate.

Kaya, the dream interpreter, believes that we can heal our karma through our dreams. Sounds impossible, right? It is actually not!

He explains, “A data created from all our experiences from this lifetime and the past lifetimes is called memories. Depending upon the qualities and weaknesses you have, a program is adapted to the memories. And in dreams you can see these memories, can reprogram them, change them, extend your evolution, and even cleanse your karma. When you understand your dreams, you can change your emotional patterns and that’s why it is truly believed that spirituality of the future would be dreams.”

What about those who do not remember their dreams?

We all receive dreams even if we don’t remember them. But those who think they don’t dream at all, it is because they are not going inside of themselves enough and are leading a superficial life. They are more in the emissivity period, which is why they have too much masculine energy. In dreams, we don’t talk about a man or a woman, we talk about polarities. We need to develop our receptivity and that’s why meditation is so important. It is not about just creating emptiness. Emptiness is the last stage, not the first. Emptiness comes to us when we have solved all our problems. But our receptivity is the hard part because all our anger, jealousy and the  accompanying negativity creates blockage of energies.

We have been hurt in part lives. Hence, we find it difficult to love because to love unconsciously is to get hurt. So, when we are trying to get into a new relationship, these things trigger this information from the inside like a volcano. We try to live the relationship but simultaneously we are like a cat. Dreams can show all these memories, good or bad and by working on these dreams, we can transform anything, even the worst of relationships.

How does one work on dreams?

First, we need to write down our dreams and understand all the symbols we see. There is always a message. We should then take the positives and the negatives, and assess if that was a beautiful dream or a nightmare. Then we look for the four elements: e.g. if we see problems with water in dreams, it means we have a problem with our emotions. While entering our memories we should ask ourselves “Where is that emotional problem in me?” This could be done through meditation as well. The more we meditate, the more we see because we open our third eye. And the way to judge whether our third eye is open or not is that when we close our eyes we should see something. If we don’t, then we should know that the third eye is not truly open.

At first, it could just be our thoughts coming to our mind. It could be something we loved, an emotion, etc. But if we want, we can ask a question and repeat the question many times until we get an answer.

How does one cleanse the karma through dreams?

Cleansing the karma can begin by understanding ourselves, our memories, thoughts, emotions and actions. We need to meditate on all these four levels. For example, suffering through a problem is not changing your karma but shifting your reaction to that problem is. We need to see the positive and the negative. This is in a way cleansing of the karma because in the past, for example, you may have been an extremist monk and so in present time you could be attracted to a teaching that is in connection to extremism. Once you have recognised your problems through dreams, you can do specific angel mantras to show you the way. The more you meditate, the more you dream and so, greater isthe chance of you encountering a solution to a problem which may have been bothering you for a very long time.

Did you know Kaya was a gifted rockstar whose career was on the brink of take-off when he stepped back and claimed his angelhood? Read about his spiritual journey here: The Making Of An Angel 

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