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Ways to Attain a Deep State of Meditation

Ways to Attain a Deep State of Meditation

17 Nov, 2020

Meditation connects us with our higher selves in a peaceful and conscious manner. Therefore, it is important to understand how to meditate deeply to tap into our maximum spiritual potential. The human brain has two sides; left and right. The left brain is associated with logical thinking, that stores information, constantly provokes thoughts and emotions that we may have experienced in our lives. Mostly we have left side of the brain dominating our daily life and that is why we are constantly worrying, thinking and the continuous chatter clogs our intuition. The brain is more connected to  the material world. Whereas the right brain is calm, conscious, intuitive and creative or we may call it more spiritually connected and grounded. We meditate to calm down and shut the monkey brain, so that we can see things with a different perspective and consciously without fogging our clairvoyance, clairaudience and  clairsentience. So, we should not just meditate but should meditate deeply. Chitra Roy, a Meditation practitioner, healer and a Reiki Master discusses the ways to attain a deep state of meditation.

Meditation, a Path to Connect With Our Intuition

Meditation is much more beyond just sitting silently with closed eyes. Once we make meditation a part of our daily lives, we actually can meditate anytime, anywhere even while like sitting, walking, laying, talking and eating. Some people feel it is very difficult to meditate. Whatever we do in life we need to be playful, explore and experiment and that is what we can do with our consciousness while meditating and slowly without even realising, you will become addicted to meditation. Often people say that they cannot meditate and concentrate for even a few seconds. It is actually a trick of the monkey brain to keep us entangled and confused. But if we can shut off the monkey brain for sometime starting even if it means meditating for just 5 minutes, the intuitive mind starts functioning. Meditation means to look within  ourselves, understand and heal the unloved parts within us and nurture and balance our internal and external worlds, to spread peace, calmness and deep love and compassion.

Let the Thoughts Fade Away

It is natural if thoughts arise during meditation. But let the thoughts come and slowly fade. Let the thoughts not affect your emotions or mental state while in meditation. Getting random thoughts is okay but just visualize them brushing off like dust from your coat.  It is okay if thoughts trigger emotions or any memories during meditation.  Feel your feelings and then disconnect and transmute them into healthy emotions.

Clients Experiences of Deep Meditation

Roy’s clients who are students of grade 8, 9 and 10  have immensely benefitted in building up their self-esteem, decision making abilities, focusing on their sports and academics, making friends and indulging less into altercations. Some of them  have overcome 80% of stammering and speech issues with meditation. Some students who are involved in  sports and had a bad temper and abusive behaviour have overcome the same with meditation. The students with differential abilities have also benefitted by becoming  more calm and turning into patient listeners. Roy has clients with various emotional setbacks and they have bounced back to life after constant healing, chakra balancing and deeply meditating with OM. Some of them have overcome anger issues, childhood trauma, abuse, violence, heart ailments, blood pressure, thyroid, migraine and gastro issues with regular deep meditation.
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