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Meditation for Children

Meditation for Children

17 Nov, 2020

People who meditate are less stressed, healthier, sleep better, and have a more positive outlook on life. Simply put, meditation makes you a happier person. Parents can encourage their children to initiate them into meditation practice by setting an example. They themselves should take up the practice of meditation,  and gently guide their children to experiment with it. Children should be told that meditation will make them feel good and they will gradually find changes in their personality. However, they should not be forced into it. Harshad Salla, a meditation guide discusses how parents can encourage their children to practice meditation.

Inspire Your Child to Meditate

Children can be initiated into the  practice of meditation, by making it more interesting. It may be difficult initially, even for parents themselves to practice meditation  for one hour at a stretch. So parents can set small goals for themselves and their children. It is difficult but not impossible. Kids look upto their parents, or elder siblings as a role model and  inspiration. So when they see their parents doing meditation, they will be curious. What is it that they are enjoying so much and being  very calm and peaceful? Can I do it? Can I try it ?

Partner with Your Child Over a Meditation Class

The right age to introduce children to meditation is 5 years. First and foremost, parents  should enroll themselves and their child for a few online and offline meditation classes. It is healthy to enroll siblings and friends for meditation classes since it gives encouragement to the child.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation will benefit children physically,  mentally, spiritually and academically. Physically, they will more relaxed and calm with little or no hyperactivity and restlessness. They will be more focused, peaceful and happy. Spiritually, they will try to deepen the connection with themselves. Academically, they will be more focused on their studies, better equipped at  troubleshooting problems, finding solutions and developing creativity.

Meditation Techniques for Children

If you tell children, come here, come on sit down and do Meditation, close your eyes. They will ignore it and it will be Greek and Latin to them. So for the kids you have to introduce Meditation through Yogic practice/Yoga Abhayaas. Ask the child to stand with both feet together and gently drop the eyelids. Visualize you are rock steady like a tree. There is other beautiful tree close to you. Feel that tree, feel yourself. Connect yourself, Family is like a tree. Parents are the roots. Kids, siblings are like flowers, fruits on trees, nurture through roots. Branches are like family members. So no matter what, the season, climate, tree is standing tall because of the roots, flowers and branches. This is a simple method. As they gain experience and maturity, it will further deepen the practice.
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