Coping with Depression During the Lockdown |
Coping with Depression During the Lockdown

Coping with Depression During the Lockdown

24 Nov, 2020

Piyali Sharma, a 42-year-old resident of Mumbai was undergoing borderline depression during this ongoing lockdown. She was feeling devastated until she consulted a mental health counsellor through Thriive who helped her to get back on track. She felt anxious, stress and also had panic attacks. She was not able to have a normal routine, not feeling hungry and not able to sleep after she was unceremoniously sacked from during an online consultation. She thought it was just stress. However, after a thorough consultation,  it was diagnosed that Piyali was having borderline depression. She shares her inspiring story of positivity hoping that it will reinstill hope in those who need to know her story.
I lost my job immediately during the lockdown in March. The news from my former manager had come as a shocker to me since there was no notice period to be served at both ends and the company did not even pay me my dues. I had worked over there for 15 years as an Information Technology professional and a team lead and had given my best. I thought how could they do this to me. I could never imagine this in my wildest dreams. I was worried that how will I get a job again, how I and my husband would pay the school fees of my two children and how we would run the house.

A journey through hell

In March, we were cooped up in our home due to strict guidelines by the government. So, coping up with depression was all the more difficult for me. I confided to my best friend and she recommended that I should not deal with this alone, instead seek help from a mental health counsellor. I decided to go ahead and book an online consultation. There was no looking back after my first consultation.

My session with the counsellor

The counsellor made me feel at ease. She was patient and calmly listened to me. I confided to her that I could not eat, sleep at night and do the normal daily activities. I would just want to sleep the whole day and I did not want to get out of bed every morning. Each day was difficult for me. During the consultation, I was diagnosed with borderline depression. I took five sessions with the counsellor and the credit goes to her for bringing my life back to normal. I was also prescribed certain medications after a thorough scrutiny of my medical history.

Counselling sessions

During the counselling sessions, the counsellor would provide me mental and emotional counselling. She would discuss my problems and provide me step by step solutions. Even after the sessions, she was available for handholding over calls and chats. She had become like a friend to me and I was very comfortable with her.

It’s a new life

I am grateful to my counsellor for giving me a new life. I found a new job last month. My spouse and children were also very supportive of me. My husband also used to accompany me for sessions and my counsellor used to guide him as well as to how to emotionally support me through a difficult phase. I feel happy all over again and my self worth has also been boosted.
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