Improve Your Mental Health with Access Bars |
Improve Your Mental Health with Access Bars

Improve Your Mental Health with Access Bars

29 Sep, 2020

The Access Bars is an amazing healing technique that involves gentle touching of 32 points on the head. This therapy releases anything that does not allow you to receive with ease, joy and glory. These points (i.e bars) contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, judgements and feelings that we have stored in any lifetime. Any thoughts in our conscious, subconscious mind that do not allow us to progress in life can be changed with Access Bars.
Chandni Bhanushali, the Founder of Healings with Moonlight,  ️Osho Zen Tarot Card Reader, internationally-certified Access Bars Practitioner, Affirmation coach and practitioner, ️Reiki & Energy healer, Meditation and Chakra Healing practitioner discusses the health benefits of access consciousness bars.
Health Benefits of Access Bars for the body and mind
The health benefits of Access Bars are greater mental clarity, motivation and problem-solving capacity. The therapy significantly increases our joy, happiness and peace. It changes the interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts and communication with ourselves and others. It helps us relax and have a  good sleep. Access Bars therapy also gives rise to the flow of creative ideas. Post the therapy, the person immediately starts feeling light and happy.
1. All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory
This is a magical tool of Access Bars. We should believe in the power of this tool. It means any situation, any thought, any energy, be it heavy or light comes to you with ease. Even if pain, sadness, anxiety, pressures, problems arise, it comes to you with ease without much of suffering and you have the strength to face it joyfully. It attracts more happiness and situations which help you to know your true potential.
Do you feel stressed? Have negative thoughts? Do you feel heavy? Are those thoughts really yours? Is that pain or suffering really yours? Ask this question “Who does this belong to?” You will immediately experience that the negative thoughts and feelings are washed away, the energy feels light and your consciousness is elevated. Most of the times we carry other people’s thoughts, judgements and feelings in our mind. Let go of all those things that do not belong to you. Release these thoughts by using this tool.
In any situation, you have the power to change negative thoughts by asking the Universe a question. “How does it get any better than this?” If it is bad it will change and get better. If it is good it will change and get better. You don’t have to know the answer to the question.
  • Just asking it (out loud or to yourself) opens you to a better life.
  • Each time you create a conclusion, decision or judgment, anything that does not match your conclusion, decision or judgment will not be allowed to come into your awareness. When we ask a question and be the question, then that energy goes into action. When you have a situation that is not working well for you, do you define it as difficult or a disaster? What does that do energetically?
  • It solidifies the situation as a problem and perpetuates the wrongness.
Start your day by using these tools for 3 weeks that is 21 days and you will see a shift in your thoughts and energy. A session of Access Bars is approximately 90 minutes depending upon a person’s energy and receptivity.

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