Tips to Avoid Burnout During the Lockdown |
Tips to Avoid Burnout During the Lockdown

Tips to Avoid Burnout During the Lockdown

26 Nov, 2020

The ongoing lockdown has been taking a toll on most of us. Some of us are stressed due to long hours of work, no work-life balance, taking care of house chores, kids, their studies, not able to move out much over the weekends to rejuvenate, leaving little time for ourselves which leads to burnout. Prachika Chopra, a Mental Health Practitioner and a Trained Career Counsellor discusses how to avoid burnout during the lockdown, by taking care of our mental health.

Self-care is a must

 Chopra states that not only during this lockdown, but also when life returns to normalcy, it is very important to understand that our mental health is as important as our physical health. We should adhere to self- care techniques and pamper ourselves daily by removing time from our daily routine to bring the focus back to ourselves. Chopra states that there are going to be days when we may not feel productive or constructive. We don’t have to be working all the time, sometimes a good sleep, a good meal and and me time can help us to de-stress. It is very important to spend time with our partner and children and strengthen the bonding. Avoid negative news and  scrolling on social media for long hours. It can lead us to feel disconnected with ourselves and  breeds negativity that can trigger us from time to time.

Maintain a work-life balance

 Chopra states that work from home does not mean to start work from morning till late nights since  it can be very exhausting. We have to keep in mind that we work for security and for our satisfaction. The moment we feel overburdened or overwhelmed, we should take a break in between work for a few minutes and take some deep breathes. This helps us to ground in the present moment and  introspect on how we feel.

The lockdown is just a phase, it will pass

Patience and adaptability are the two main keys that can help us to make wonders and changes in our lives.  We should understand that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation will fade out and it’s not permanent. Let us accept the change for now and make ourselves flexible. We should maintain a positive state of mind by doing exercises, yoga, meditation, Pranayama etc.

It is important to express how we feel and  practice gratitude

When we start suppressing our feelings, we get irritated, angry and feel negative. We should express the way we feel to our loved ones when we feel overwhelmed. The lockdown is a good time to pursue our hobbies. Spending time with our pets also helps to make ourselves feel loved. Chopra suggests making a gratitude list for things and people we are grateful for. We should read the gratitude list whenever we feel low since it is a great stressbuster to remind ourselves about how blessed we are. Art therapy is also a good form of rejuvenation and communication for those who cannot express themselves in words but can express it through art.
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