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Understanding and Managing Negative Feelings

Understanding and Managing Negative Feelings

7 Dec, 2020

Everybody reacts to situations and people differently. However, some of us are more affected by negative situations.  The negative situations give rise to negative emotions like anger, distress, sadness, etc. It is important to understand that feeling negative is completely normal. In fact, contrary to the common notion, negative feelings are quite healthy. It acts as a warning signal for us and makes us conscious about how we feel. It is important to understand these negative feelings and channelise them effectively for a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of some of the ways of managing negative feelings:

Acknowledge the negative feelings

Feel your feelings but don’t let it become you. Acceptance is the key.  Whenever we have a negative feeling about something, we should sit with it and let it pass. We should understand that there is nothing wrong in having such feelings and that we are absolutely capable of handling any situation.
Look at a negative situation or a feeling in a positive way
It is healthy to reflect on how we feel. There is always a good side to everything if we choose to see it. We should try to understand why feel a certain way, what triggered us and what is it teaching us.

Take appropriate action

Once we have acknowledged the feeling, we should choose a proper course of action for it. Think carefully.  We should Look at all the pros and cons of our past and plan our future actions accordingly.

Avoid the blame game

We should not hold others responsible for the way we feel. We are solely responsible for how we feel. Similarly, it is only we who can change a situation and take control of it. It is important to recognize our personal power and channelise it properly.

Learn and move on

 We always keep learning and growing with experiences. It is important to learn from our mistakes in life so as to not repeat them. Move on and explore life to its fullest. We should use all the opportunities that life gives us and be content. We should avoid having regrets and beating ourselves up for our mistakes which will only sabotage our growth. Instead, we should rectify our mistakes and take a proper course of action.

 Be flexible and adapt to change

Change is the only constant in our lives. Do not get caught up with the stress and negativity. Try to change things for the highest good of everyone. However, what we cannot change, we should leave it.

Seek help

Certain negative feelings can sometimes become too overwhelming. We tend to become emotionally weak and vulnerable. We should always seek help. The world is full of good people who will guide us to live a happier life. Look around and you will be amazed at how the Universe conspires in your favour.
 Live, love, laugh. Because life is too short.
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