Love & Relationship Coach Landing

₹ 800/-

1 Session

₹ 2200/-

3 Session

₹ 3300/-

5 Session

 Love and Relationship Issues 

Couple Counseling

Solving Compatibility

Attracting the right relationship

Getting over failed relationships

 Package of 3-5 Sessions  

Each Session For 30 Mins

Session #1

Understanding The Issue

The first session focuses on getting comfortable with the Love & Relationship Coach to discuss the issues you need solutions for.

Session #2

Getting to the Root of the Issue

At this stage, the Wellness Expert and you deep dive into the root cause of the issues and understand how it is affecting your well-being.

Session #3

Practical Solution

This is when the Love & Relationship Coach gives you practical solutions to solve your issue, and experience true happiness in your love life.

 Therapist of Your Choice 
You can select the same or different Love and Relationship Coach for each session, based on your comfort.

Why is Love and Relationship Coaching?

When you have a headache, you go to a physician. When you have issues in your love life, you go to a Love & Relationship Coach.

Too many people suffer silently when it comes to issues within their love life, especially because finding a reliable and secure Love & Relationship Coach is always a challenge.

You can find verified, curated Love & Relationship Coach on Thriive. You can find verified, Love and Relationship Coach on Thriive.

How can a Love &
Relationship coach help ?

  • Clear physical and emotional blocks affecting sexual health.

  • Guide one towards having a healthy sexual outlook, and enjoying better intimacy.

  • Counsel people towards accepting and embracing their sexuality.

  • Understanding healthy sexual practices.

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