Astrology, a Tool for Predicting and Coping with Health Issues |
Astrology, a Tool for Predicting and Coping with Health Issues

Astrology, a Tool for Predicting and Coping with Health Issues

26 Nov, 2020

Many of us have health issues and we wonder all our lives how it manifested. Although most of the ailments are caused to disharmony in our mental and emotional states and our immediate physical environment, planetary positions also play a vital role in our overall health. Unfavourable planets in our personal natal chart lead to ailments of the heart, kidneys, lungs, skin diseases etc. An online Astrology reading can help you to get the answers that you seek for improving your health. Avril Rodrigues, an expert in Tarot Card Reading, Cosmic Astrology and Meditation discusses how Astrology can help in predicting and coping with health issues. Rodrigues also suggests remedies such as gemstones, mantras and poojas to reduce the effects of the planetary positions on our health.

The role of Nakshatras

People who have either of the ascendant, Sun or Moon without any negative planetary influences in their natal chart, generally enjoy very good health. Swati Nakshatra can lead to severe physical ailments which cannot be treated easily while Revati Nakshatra in the personal natal chart can lead to mental illnesses. Mantras should be chanted and poojas should be performed to nullify the effects of unfavourable planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. Every zodiac sign is associated with different body parts. If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are positioned in those signs, illnesses connected with those body parts will arise. Sometimes a person will be very healthy and then suddenly during the Saturn Mahadasha, pain and stiffness in the joints and arthritis may develop.

Houses and Signs

First house or Aries

The first house or Aries represents our physical body. It represents the head, face, facial bones, brain and blood vessels of the brain.

Second house or Taurus

The second house represents
the teeth, speech, right eye, throat, larynx, cerebellum, neck, bones, blood vessels and nerves connecting the throat and neck.

Third house or Gemini

The third house represents right ear, shoulders, collar, bones on the arms, lungs and blood.

Fourth house or Cancer

The fourth house represents the chest, ribs, stomach and the digestive system.

Fifth house or Leo

The fifth house represents the heart, mind and the spinal cord.

Sixth house or Virgo

It is connected to diseases of the kidneys, stomach, intestines and abdomen.
Seventh house or Libra
The seventh house represents  waist, lumbar region and skin.

Eighth house or Scorpio

The eighth house is connected to incurable diseases, urinary and sexual organs, pelvic bones and bladder.

Ninth house or Sagittarius

It represents the hips, arterial system, nerves and thighs.

Tenth house or Capricorn

The tenth house represents knees, hamstrings and joints and bones.

Eleventh house or Aquarius

The eleventh house represents legs, blood circulation, ankles and left ear.

Twelveth house or Pisces

The twelveth house represents the lymphatic system, feet, toes and left eye.

The influence of planets on our health

Sun represents the heart, eyes, blood circulation, spinal cord, right eye in males and left eye in females. Moon may cause cold, pneumonia, breast-related diseases, kidneys, stomach, and uterus related problems,  problems in the left eye in males and right eye in females. Mercury tends to cause issues with the digestive system, nerves, lungs and speech-related problems. It may also lead to epilepsy. Venus represents the throat, neck, cheeks and skin. It may lead to venereal diseases and reproductive organs. Mars represents the forehead, nose, muscles, male reproductive organs. It may cause haemorrhage, injuries, burns, cuts, fever, accidents and tends to lead to suicidal tendencies if the positioning of Mars is unfavourable in a personal chart. Jupiter is connected to ailments related to the liver, blood vessels, right ear and thigh. It may lead to diabetes and obesity. Saturn causes general weakness, difficulty in gaining weight, problems of the teeth, bones, knees and joints. It leads to rheumatism, chronic diseases like asthma, tuberculosis as well as skin-related diseases. Rahu is considered as an equal to Saturn in Vedic Astrology. Rahu may cause leprosy, cancer and diseases related to the spleen. Ketu is considered as an equal to Mars in Vedic Astrology. Ketu tends to lead to hypertension, blood pressure, lunacy, allergies and infectious diseases. Uranus causes diseases related to the arteries, nervous system of the brain, spinal cord issues, heart attack and sudden accidents. Neptune causes epilepsy, lunacy, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, delusions, insomnia and infectious and contagious diseases. Pluto leads to congenital diseases, venereal diseases and diseases caused due to harmful radiation like X-rays, atomic rays and ultraviolet rays.

Success stories of clients

One of the clients had a Kaal Sarp Dosha in her chart. As advised by Rodrigues, a special pooja was performed and her health improved tremendously. Another client was suffering from severe joint pain. After reciting Shani Mantra, she got a lot of relief.
Gemstones, a useful remedy for coping with health issues
 Emerald provides relief from ailments caused due to the unfavourable positioning of Mercury. It helps to reduce memory problems, heart-related issues as well as stomach problems. It brings mental clarity and emotional stability. Pearl can reduce the effects of diseases of the eyes, throat, intestines, and stomach, in addition to promoting mental peace and stability. Pearl radiates positive energies and strengthens the mind, promotes a night of sound sleep and keeps mental stress at bay. If the moon is afflicted and causing problems then a pearl can be used. Gemstones should be worn only after consulting an astrologer.

Appeasing the Gods and Goddess for a good health

Rodrigues states that Lord Dhanvantri is the ultimate healer and the most benevolent Lord who removes all fears and diseases from the face of humanity. Chanting powerful mantras to invoke Lord Dhanvantri will help to alleviate the health issues.
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