Numerology Predictions by Amrita Shanker for Year 2021 |
Numerology Predictions by Amrita Shanker for Year 2021

Numerology Predictions by Amrita Shanker for Year 2021

The Year 2021 adds up to five 2+0+2+1=5. The Universal year in Numerology reflects a general overview in turn of event in a person’s life. Universal year 5 will embark international activities, New & unusual ventures, dynamic progress, a sense of freedom, excitement and adventure a whole. Universally it’s a year of changes. Its effect will be seen on the entire planet. The events of the past weighing down on us will bring some relief in the year 2021. 

During numerology year 5 (2021), we will often feel freer and more able to make the changes that we have been thinking about for a long time. We will pursue new initiatives and could even feel like we are growing wings! Curiosity and desire for freedom will be present, as will the desire to go beyond our limits.

The year 5 will reveal our small weaknesses and test us with temptations. It’s as if we want to free ourselves from our taboos, and what weighed us down last year. The unexpected and the adventure will disturb our daily lives. It’s likely that we will discover a new environment and feel more in tune with ourselves. Although, we must be careful with our impatience and excesses…

Now let’s discover what does year 2021 more or less hold for you personally? Will it be lucky for you? Let’s find out by your personal year!

You can calculate your personal year by adding your birth Day+Month+Calender year (into a single digit)

Let’s look at this example, if you were born on 23 November– 23+11+2021, 5+2+5 = 12, 1+2= 3

So, the personal year for this particular person would be Year 3 in 2021. Similarly, you can calculate yours.

The Numerology prediction for your personal year in 2021 is as follows:

Year 1

If your personal year is 1, it will bring new beginnings, initiatives and start-ups! This is the beginning of a new journey. Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture moving. 

You’re entering a new 9-year cycle that is meant to help shape your life. The year begins with feelings of unrest, and nothing will remain the same as 2021 unfolds. It’s time to take a look at how you’re living and freshen up your perspective. It is also a good year to start a relationship. Be open to new acquaintances, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities. There’s a good chance that everything you start this year will last and the person you let in will play an important role in your life, but in the end, it all depends on you. If you’re in a relationship, you may be able to move things on a higher level, which could lead to engagement or marriage. If, in an unhappy relationship, you might decide to let go of it. Your financial situation will be favourable. Work-wise, you can count on a promotion, a raise or a new job opportunity. Healthwise, this year you may suffer from headaches or tension but overall health is likely to improve.

Year 2

2021 for you is all about cooperation, collaborations, teamwork, development & waiting. It’s the year of waiting and seeing the time. It’s a time to build relationships. 

Also, you must be prepared for delays, detours, stoppages and stoppages. This year can cause you slight frustration as thing will move at very slow pace. Work wise, this is a good year for creating partnerships. Your material situation won’t be favourable as you will face unforeseen costs. Relationship wise, this is year a good for companionship and marriage. So, work on your relationships. 

In the area of health, you may have problems with your digestion and stomach. Take plenty of fluids and be active. If you already have issues with your health, take timely precautions. Otherwise, your condition may worsen.

Year 3

The year 2021 for you will be about self-expression, social expansion & creative successes. This year is a happy and a joyous year for you & a great time to expand your social circle and network. You can expect delightful surprises and gratification in many areas of your life including business, career, friends and love. The drawback may be that it presents many opportunities that you might be tempted to take on more than you can handle. Also, it’s not a great year for finances so plan accordingly.  Health wise. you might experience emotional overload, disappointment, stress, nervousness, or fatigue. Don’t forget to rest, because next year will be tiring.

 In relations to work, circumstances are favourable. You will be energetic and enthusiastic; you’ll want to get so much done, but to avoid starting and then leaving things half-finished, it’s best to stick to the goals you’ve already set.

As this is a year of emotional awakening, there will be plenty of events on the emotional front. If you’re open to meeting new people, you will have an abundance of opportunities to do so. High possibility of having or conceiving a child, if planning for some time. Also, another factor you need to keep in mind is to set your priorities and be consistent, as this year will bring vibrations that you might scatter your energy on less important tasks.

Year 4

Year 2021 for you will be all about systematic approach, hard work and slow but steady progress. This year is likely to bring stability and structure back to your life. However, in many ways, it can be a frustrating year when considerable efforts fail to produce desired results? It is a time to get organised and plan. Health and diet should be carefully scrutinised this year, as physical resistance is low and you may become susceptible to ailments. Be ready for a hectic year ahead.

Work wise, it’s not a good year for changing jobs, do it only if it’s unavoidable.  Love will take a back seat this year, as you will be more focused on business, so love will be somehow cold and lacking in emotion. This year will be the opposite of the previous one when you were emotionally awake and open, which is why you shouldn’t expect too much from love just now. A common metaphor used to describe this year is ‘one step forward and two steps back.’

Year 5

This year will bring major changes in your life. It’s about personal freedom, independence and connecting to others. Horizons are expanded and growth is less impeded. This year will bring excitement, adventure and a good deal of more freedom that you have experience in the past years. However, it also scatters your energy in all direction. Your ability to do details work will be limited now.  This year positive opportunities may present themselves on all fronts. Many obstacles for the previous year may slip away. 

The previous year was good for setting foundations and, given that you did everything in the right way, you’ll now reap the rewards. However, if you don’t see results, don’t despair but think of how you can fix the present state of things. 

This year is good for business trips, as well as for traveling abroad, whether for work or pleasure. Financial stability and a revenue increase will follow, so it’s a good time to change the space you live in, or even your job. Changes will be less painful this year. 

In the area of love, there will be plenty of opportunities for shorter relationships and liaisons as you will be particularly attractive this year. If you happen to engage in a more serious relationship, it will be followed by crises and changes, as this is a year of freedom, not bonding. A break up or divorce is possible.

Year 6

This year brings you vibration of family, home, love & responsibility. 2021 might intensify the feeling in existing relationships. Most likely to get married or engaged this year. It’s a favourable year for work. If you’re looking for a job, you could easily find one now, or change job if you’re unhappy in your current position. This is a period for bigger salaries and earning money more easily, so expect a raise or a new source of income. 

Finances will be on the rise, but still, don’t spend money irrationally. Instead, reduce your expenditure and start saving. It’s a good period to invest in real estate. Health wise, you need to be more cautious. You may suffer from Urinal Or lung problems. 

This year will bring you increased responsibility concerned with family members, so you may not find time for yourself. This is not a time for major accomplishments but rather a time to handle those adjustments to your plans that may be required to finish the tasks or projects started early this year. 

Year 7

2021 will be a year of self- introspection, analysis and isolation. A period for some pause & reflection. This year should provide to some insight for gaining some understanding of yourself. 

This year is difficult for relationships, some connections may be broken. Some will be tested so you can see who your real friends are. However, if you do everything right, this year could be good, a year when you will reap the fruits of your labour and receive recognition. Success in competitions is possible, as well as favourable outcomes in legal disputes and trials. The energy of number seven could surprise you in the form of a sudden financial gain at a lottery or elsewhere.

Interruptions, delays, and unpredicted situations that cause you stress and annoyance are possible at work. Bad communication may cause disagreements if you don’t develop your plans in detail. In the matters of love, this isn’t a great year. If you’re unhappy in your relationship or marriage, wait and don’t break up this year. Otherwise, there will be problems. Therefore, the advice is to rest this year. This year will be like a cocooning stage for the psyche, in which you analyse, reflect and try to shed any behaviour, relationships or patterns that may be preventing your personal growth.

Year 8

2021 for you, will be about finance, career, attainment and capital gains.  This year will be a year. A period when you can make important strides in your life. This is big year for decisions and major achievements. You can expect good opportunities and success in all aspects this year. It would be nice to share your success with others. Although luck is on your side, that doesn’t mean you won’t struggle to achieve your goals. Know that the final result depends on you, and what you receive depends on what you give. Year of karmic balance & manifestation. 

It’s a very favourable year when it comes to business. Now is the right time for action and, if you do everything right, you will have great success; otherwise, you may fail. Your organizational skills will reach their peak this year. 

In the matters of love, you will have opportunities to return to an old love or restart a relationship if you wish to do so. Those already in a relationship may experience disagreements, arguments, or sex problems because your sexual appetite will be emphasized this year. Health wise, there are possible problems with your bones, teeth, blood pressure, liver, bile, or headaches. 

You will have a beautiful year, which could bring you calm, safety, material gain and success in many fields. Look for a balance between the material and the spiritual.

Year 9

2021, for you will be all about selflessness, reflection and reaching out. It’s a year of completions, endings and a time when you are apt to take inventory of the many factors in your life, some of which you will be proud of, and others you might want to change. This might be an uncomfortable year for many individuals and you may feel restless. 

In the matters of the heart, it’s not recommended to start anything new this year, including relationships, for they will either be short-lived or unstable. There is a possibility that your partner will return to you next year but in a new form. Rid yourself from bad relationships and don’t let your good memories stop you from doing so. This year is good for breakups, even divorce because it will be a way to change your life code for the better. End everything that’s bad. In the area of health, there is a possibility of injury, especially through a traffic accident, so pay attention to how you drive. Emotional and mental tension may be present. Avoid spicy food & alcohol. 

Circumstances at work will be favourable. Successful completion of a year-long project is expected. Although there is the possibility of losing one’s job, so need to be cautious in terms of completing tasks on time. 

Overall, a year of endings bringing forth a cycle of a new nine-year cycle and shifting energies.


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