Success Story: Astrology helped Rinki Khanna find love and better her career |
Success Story: Astrology helped Rinki Khanna find love and better her career

Success Story: Astrology helped Rinki Khanna find love and better her career

24 Aug, 2020

Rinki Khanna, a 35-year- old resident of Delhi had approached an Astrologer via Thriive. She shares her experience about how consulting an astrologer completely changed her life. Rinki used to have constant arguments with her partner and was stressed at work. She thought that it was the end of the world and nothing was going to ever work for her. She was going around in circles for around eight months, unable to find a solution on her own, until she found a Thriive-verified Astrologer she needed, and finally her life started looking better.
My best friend recommended Thriive
Earlier, I had no faith in Astrology and I was extremely sceptical. I was facing many problems in my relationship with my partner Satish,  my best friend, who had taken several online consultations from a Thriive verified Astrologer recommended that I should book a session and guaranteed that I won’t regret it. I am grateful that I took my friend’s suggestion and also followed my heart, which led me in the right direction. My life changed 360 degrees post the sessions.
Astrology helped me to renew the romance in my life
Me and Satish used to fight daily and vent out at each other at the drop of a hat. After 7 years of being in the relationship, I felt like we were doomed and there was no other way but to part ways. However, I was proved wrong. The Thriive verified expert Astrologer guided me with accurate solutions. Me and Satish were going through bad doshas placed in our 7th and 8th House of our personal Astrological charts, which were impacting our love life. The Astrologer had suggested some special poojas which should be done and also wear a rose quartz crystal pendant to keep the relationship in harmony. We followed the step-by-step advice with an open heart. The romance is back in our lives and Satish now treats me like a queen! We go on long drives, dates, communicate effectively, help each other with home chores, understand each other better and share a great chemistry all over again. It feels like the love was never lost. We are planning to tie the knot soon.
We consulted the Astrologer again for our professional problems
Since me and Satish were totally content with the remedies and tips provided by the Astrologer and it worked like magic for us, we consulted him yet again since we were facing issues at our workplace. The  second time around, Satish was also also present for an online consultation. The astrologer gave us a few remedies like doing certain fasts along with special poojas to reduce the negative impact of planetary influences on our lives, which were resulting in mental stress at our workplaces.
The astrologer was calm and composed throughout the session. Even post the sessions, he was available for hand holding over calls and chats. I highly recommend that if you are facing any issues in your relationship, marriage, health or in your professional life, you should certainly book a consultation with Thriive without any hesitation. I hope my success story has inspired a few who may be fighting the odds.

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