alternative healthcare

Astrology, a Tool for Predicting and Coping with Health Issues

by Kainaz Choksey

26 Nov, 2020

Avril Rodrigues, an expert in Tarot Card Reading, Cosmic Astrology and Meditation discusses how Astrology can help in predicting and coping with health issues.

Preventive Care: Why alternative therapies for wellness are more important than ever today?

by Shivani Mehra

30 Jun, 2019

Happiness is not what you have and can achieve, it is a state of mind.

Renew Your Body Like A Marathon Runner

by Rajani Patil

16 Jan, 2019

Become hardcore with these rad tips on building a marathon-runner body by Dr. Rajani Patil You know it’s Marathon-time when your Newsfeed is filled with “stories” of fitness challenges and miles run in a day. And you might even be tempted to participate in one. Running is a form of fitness that has many takers.


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