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Cancer Survivor Radhika Sachdev: Having a “Second Go” at Life

by Swapna C

6 Mar, 2020

The author of ‘Second Go’ shares her inspiring life story!

Preventive Care: Why alternative therapies for wellness are more important than ever today?

by Shivani Mehra

30 Jun, 2019

Happiness is not what you have and can achieve, it is a state of mind.

Sleep-less or sleeping less? Meditation could be your answer

by Aishwarya Iyer

12 Apr, 2019

Sleep is integral to our well-being. As a result, if you have not had a good sleep, it will show in everything you do. Frequent emotional outbursts, slacked productivity at work, mood disorders, binge eating or loss of appetite could be tied to insomnia. Studies have shown that one in three people suffer from mild