attract abundance

#AttractAbundance: Using Meditation as a Tool to Create an Abundance Mindset

by Ashika Mehta

31 Oct, 2019

It is well documented that the brain uses shortcuts to increase its efficiency. The brain relies on information from past experiences to direct your thoughts and behaviors for the task at hand.  For example, Rita considered herself a very busy working woman. Everyday her default activity in the car on her way to work would

Top 10 affirmations to #AttractAbundance

by Komal Patil

23 Oct, 2019

This festive season includes these powerful affirmations in your prayers and attracts more abundance in your life. 

How to #AttractAbundance in love and relationships

by Nipa Asharam

16 Oct, 2019

Real love can be like the best partnership but we need unbreakable faith and these laws so that we do not compromise or settle for less!


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