breathing exercises

Get an immunity boost with meditation

by Nazneen Haider

16 Apr, 2020

Quiet the mind and rejuvenate your body with meditation practices.

Cancer Survivor Radhika Sachdev: Having a “Second Go” at Life

by Swapna C

6 Mar, 2020

The author of ‘Second Go’ shares her inspiring life story!

Kundalini Yoga: 5 Things No One Told You About

by Komal Patil

21 Jun, 2019

Here we are about to explore one of the most powerful forms of yoga – Kundalini Yoga.

Meditation for teens and students: Why it is essential

by Aishwarya Iyer

20 May, 2019

Teenage anxiety is a legit problem, and so is the stress related to studies- therefore, these need to be addressed in time, with meditation!

5 not-so-usual ways you can meditate on your daily commute to work

by Sonia Rao

30 Apr, 2019

What do you do once you enter your mode of commute to work? If you’re like 80% of the population, you too whip out your cellphone (if you aren’t already holding it) and remain immersed till you reach your destination. This, according to scores of studies, is one of the major causes of anxiety and