chakra healing

Yoga for Balancing the Seven Chakras

by Kainaz Choksey

27 Nov, 2020

Here are some yoga asanas to help you balance your 7 chakras.

What you need to know about energy healing?

by Omkar Kulkarni

28 Nov, 2019

Different alternative branches of medicines have been on a rise with the advent of extensive research programs. These have become a popular choice, as they offer patients with several choices as opposed to doctors. The offered choices usually allow the patient to make lifestyle changes that act as their medical treatment. Energy healing is one

Grit to Glory: Anika’s story of breaking free

by Srishti

22 Nov, 2019

We all have witnessed, heard or read about break-ups and divorces. And the phase that follows is when one strives to ‘move on’. We often associate it with missing the other person, looking back at the past, feeling empty and coping up with loneliness. And of course, a lot of tears and emotional baggage.  But