chia seeds

Why we say less is more?

by Nipa Asharam

9 Dec, 2019

‘Less is more’ can be a lifestyle choice across all spectrums – one that can give clarity and space. It is worth a try if it works for you – otherwise, you can always go back to the tried and tested.

How to keep yourself light during party night this festive season

by Nipa Asharam

22 Oct, 2019

Getting stressed that festive times are here? Worried about the bloating, heavy food, weight gain, and routine going out of whack? Well, it does if we don’t plan strategic things. I have had various sizes of clothes and some of them have been used post the festive seasons!! So I clearly feel and know this

Hydration is the key: Here’s a wonder recipe for you from our expert

by Nipa Asharam

20 May, 2019

When we eat food that has high water content, the water-rich food has other molecules around it that gets absorbed well by our cells and keeps us a fuller and hydrated for longer.