Glowing skin

Yoga for a Glowing Skin

by Kainaz Choksey

27 Nov, 2020

Here are some yoga asanas to help you achieve glowing skin.

Stretch those face muscles for glowing skin

by Nikita Jhanglani

18 Mar, 2020

Yoga for the face! Stretch those face muscles for a natural glow and a sleeker look.

Monsoon: Your perfect guide to take care of your skin, hair and overall health

by Nipa Asharam

27 Jun, 2019

Happy Monsoon to you all along with shiny hair, glowing skin, and great health.

Eat these ancient Indian foods for a glowing skin

by Aishwarya Iyer

19 Jun, 2019

The variety and tastes that we add in our food are not just an addition for an awesome taste but is mainly to make you healthy.

Cooling tips for summer, an insight by Life-coach expert Nipa Asharam

by Nipa Asharam

29 May, 2019

There are holistic ways of doing it – some food and some non-food solutions. Then, we can replace cribbing with embracing the weather!