Top 5 ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and magical

by Nazneen Haider

24 Dec, 2019

All geared up for Christmas, are we? What if we told you that you can take a few simple steps to make the festival more magical! Wondering how? Let us help you. Buy a ‘green’ tree Well, stating the obvious – we mean eco-friendly. While it might seem that an artificial one is easier to

Colours that Curb Sleep: How to Refurnish your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

by Akanksha Shukla

2 Nov, 2019

Like good food, friends, health and wealth, sleep is one of the few things you can never have enough of. Sadly, for a lot of us, relaxing and getting into a restful slumber after a long day of work isn’t always easy. Ever noticed, the moment we sprinkle our peach blossom linen sprays and lay


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