healing crystals

Here are top 3 energy healing techniques

by Komal Patil

4 Dec, 2019

As we are getting closer to the web, we are getting more disconnected in the real world. This hyper exposure to information and to various devices has left us with dysfunctional minds and bodies. Lately, there’s heightened awareness amongst people about such modern disorders. Those who want to change this have started walking on the

How to tailor your workplace to #AttractAbundance

by Komal Patil

21 Oct, 2019

A good makeover is not only a way to get over a bad break up but also to get over those workplace blues. Going to the same place every morning and sitting on the desk may get boring after a point. However, if you reshuffle your desk and add new elements to it then maybe

Healing with crystal-infused water – the effects of different crystals

by Sonia Rao

21 Apr, 2019

Move over fruit infusions and herbal teas. Crystal-infused water is here to make you more soul and body healthy. By drinking crystal-infused water, we aim to become a more loving, compassionate, cool person . We can call these infusions crystal elixir or crystal tonic too. How does this work? But how’s that, you ask? Well,


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