Tarot reading, a tool for predicting health issues

by Kainaz Choksey

5 Aug, 2020

Tarot can provide guidance on how to take care of our health.

An uncertain future can scare us! Here is a way to deal with fear positively

by Ilona Selke

11 May, 2020

We are not psychologically prepared for this catastrophe! Here’s how we can deal with it.

Rising Tribe of the Woman Warrior

by Swapna C

13 Mar, 2020

Rising Tribe of the Woman Warrior  Thanks to social media we come to hear or learn about the impact of women in the workforce. Women who are the voice of dissent. Women in tech. Women who fight oppression. Women who inspire.  Women have never had the opportunity to be heard like this ever before. We

Here’s why we recommend you to plan a surprise day out with your parents

by Akanksha Shukla

13 Jan, 2020

Spending time with your family is important – for mental and physical health!