Emotional cacophony to Inner peace : How Krittika found her way back

by Srishti

12 Nov, 2019

We all have gone through college years and we know the drill, don’t we? The lectures, the friends, the parties, the sleepovers and ah, the endless drama that comes with it. Hookups and broken relationships are a bonus with academic pressure and politics during college fests. Most of us take all of it with a

Reconsider That Relationship: 3 Things ‘Kabir Singh’ Got All Wrong

by Aishwarya Iyer

26 Jun, 2019

Beyond the misogyny that’s the only crux of the film, here are 3 things that Kabir Singh got all wrong!

“Experiment With The Goal Before Making It Permanent”, Says Certified Life Coach Nipa Asharam

by Nipa Asharam

25 Jun, 2019

Before making a goal permanent, let us be on a path that let’s tweak it, twist it, swirl it around – let us be excited about it when we sign on the dotted line.

Breakup Blues: Newly- single? Here’s the advice no one told you

by Aishwarya Iyer

7 Jun, 2019

Wanted or unwarranted, free bits of advice on breakups always there to irk you. But the thing is you must know that you alone have the power to seek what’s best for you!