Will alternative medicines and therapies go mainstream in the new world?

by Kainaz Choksey

7 Jul, 2020

More and more people are turning to alternative therapies such as Reiki and Homeopathy.

DO’S and DON’TS during the CoVID – 19 pandemic

by Thriive

26 Mar, 2020

Stay informed, stay safe. Do not believe every remedy for Covid-19 that’s shared on WhatsApp!

How can homeopathy help in solving your digestive issues?

by Geeta Hansaria

9 Dec, 2019

Have you ever tried homeopathy for any digestion problems you had? What was your experience?

Complementary and Alternative medicine for menopause.

by Aishwarya Iyer

22 Jul, 2019

Women, you must read this!

Preventive Care: Why alternative therapies for wellness are more important than ever today?

by Shivani Mehra

30 Jun, 2019

Happiness is not what you have and can achieve, it is a state of mind.

Here’s how Homeopathy can help in strengthening the immunity of your kids!

by Geeta Hansaria

23 May, 2019

My child is healthy. I give my child enough organic food, organic milk, the best food from the best supermarkets and online health sites! But still she keeps falling sick! What is the reason for that!? Well, along with healthy food and nutrition, kids also need good rest and exercise. This is so, because then their

These Homeopathic remedies can help you overcome social anxiety

by Geeta Hansaria

14 May, 2019

In this phobia, a person feels that he or she will be judged negatively by other people in social situations- be it performance on stage or a meeting or presentation.


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