Get that Diwali glow on! #AttractAbundance from the inside

by Nipa Asharam

24 Oct, 2019

We pick our favourite outfit and look forward to festive times but somehow there is the thought in the back of our head – ‘only if my skin had a glow’. Who doesn’t want a natural glow? It changes tenfold how we feel in the same outfit so here are some tips as we start

Ganesh Chaturthi and sweets: How to balance the connection?

by Nipa Asharam

31 Aug, 2019

We don’t want to miss it out or go to another extreme but we definitely can’t forget the connection with our mind and body even if it is temporary!

Here’s how you should keep yourself hydrated this season

by Madhulika Mitra

9 Jul, 2019

There are many ways of getting the water content right in our body, and it comes with knowing the different foods and consumption patterns that help us regulate the water content in our body and keeping us hydrated. 

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome: ‘Chamki’ fever kills at least 100 in Bihar

by Aishwarya Iyer

17 Jun, 2019

Encephalitis has already taken 100 lives this year. As doctors say they’re doing whatever they can to save the day for these sufferers, here’s all you need to know about this ailment.

Hydration is the key: Here’s a wonder recipe for you from our expert

by Nipa Asharam

20 May, 2019

When we eat food that has high water content, the water-rich food has other molecules around it that gets absorbed well by our cells and keeps us a fuller and hydrated for longer.


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