inner peace

Life is unpredictable! How to live it fully

by Nazneen Haider

4 May, 2020

Build a life that makes you happy.

The heart wants what it wants: How Arushi discovered the secret to happiness

by Srishti

28 Jan, 2020

Sometimes, all that you need to do is listen to your heart. And then watch everything fall in place.

What should be your ‘Magic Motto’ for 2020?

by Srishti

13 Jan, 2020

What will define your 2020? Find out with this fun quiz!

World Meditation Day 2019: Meditate For Inner Peace

by Aishwarya Iyer

15 May, 2019

On this World Meditation Day, let us embrace the stillness in our hearts while engulfing the peace of mind!