5 top podcasts to listen to during the lockdown

by Nazneen Haider

15 Jun, 2020

Plug in your earphones and relax.

We Stand on the Shoulders of Women Who Shaped Our Life

by Swapna C

19 Mar, 2020

In our day to day lives beyond our careers we are guided by the wisdom of our mother, grandmother, aunts and friends. 3 women we knew share the best advice they ever got!

The Superpower Named Gratitude

by Nipa Asharam

6 Nov, 2019

Gratitude is actually science. It works with the same areas in the brain as dopamine does and that’s when the brain says – “Hey, I love that, can you do it again?” Mostly we are used to this feeling when we eat our favourite chocolate or sweets! We thought that’s the only way we can